Shiftgig Disrupts the Revolving Door of Staffing Agencies

Being the Cafeteria Manager for a large convention center in Atlanta is no cakewalk — just ask Karl P.

Karl’s day-to-day responsibilities consist of managing an ever-changing front of house staff, ensuring guest experience is well above par and tending to guest needs. Seem simple? Think again. Due to the nature of convention center business, Karl relies heavily on staffing companies to provide experienced, quality workers to fill his front of house positions, which can be dicey.

“Service is the most important thing we offer here; it’s important to the client that we give them a top-notch experience.”

When the pressure is on and you’re relying on someone else to deliver the quality staff you need, it can be nerve-wracking. Karl has been working at this convention center for fifteen years now and has been using the same few staffing companies, but his needs never seemed to be satisfied. He describes his experience as cycling through a revolving door of staffing firms, and they had seen and used them all.

When a new coworker from Philadelphia joined the team a little more than a year ago, he suggested they hit the market to see what other staffing solutions were available. Karl admits he was hesitant. “I was thinking it doesn’t matter what company — the gene pool is the same. Staff people are staff people,” but he agreed to look anyway. That’s when they found Shiftgig.

Shiftgig is an on-demand, mobile labor marketplace that connects part-time hourly workers (called Specialists) with available shifts. Clients are able to place orders, manage events, view live rosters, report hours and much more via the Shiftgig Business app. Shiftgig ensures you get the best fit for the job via the app’s smart matching technology, and all Specialists are pre-screened, background checked and drug tested based on the client’s specific needs.

Clients are also able to “All-Star” Specialists that go above and beyond, which gives them a priority invite back to the client’s next available shifts. It also begins to build a team of All-Star Specialists for the client to use moving forward. On the flip side, Specialists are able to use their Shiftgig app to view available shifts and claim the ones they like in real-time.

After meeting with Shiftgig in Atlanta, Karl and his coworker agreed to give them a shot. On the day of their first order, Karl was blown away with the quality of people sourced by Shiftgig. Since then, they’ve been a repeat customer.

“Shiftgig has recruited some real All-Stars for us, and we will absolutely use them on an on-going basis.” Karl describes the varying quality of staff from other companies on a day-to-day basis as unpredictable. “We bring in a huge caliber of people from various companies, but I can always tell which ones come from Shiftgig.”

In addition to the excellent service and quality of workers Shiftgig has provided to Karl and his team, he is also becoming accustomed to seamlessly managing orders and events from his phone via the Shiftgig Business app. Karl explains that “once you are familiar with the mobile app, it is very easy to use. It’s a very modern way to find talent.”

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About The Author

Jane Smith is the Community Relations Manager at Shiftgig. She is passionate about helping Shiftgig Specialists and helping transform the way people work. In her free time, Jane loves cooking, exploring Chicago, and spending time with family.