Don’t Miss Us at the Collaboration in the Gig Economy Conference in Las Vegas

Today marks Day One of Staffing Industry Analysts’ newest conference, Collaboration in the Gig Economy. SIA has been a pioneer in its dedication to covering this growing workforce segment, and we’re excited to see this event kick off.

{PANEL ENDED} Please join me today at 4:30 pm during “Five Minute Fill Times and Other Wonders of ‘Just in Time’ Staffing Platforms”. Our panel, moderated by John Nurthen, will cover the mobile-driven approach to using on-demand talent and how it’s changed – and will continue to change – today’s staffing industry.

Tomorrow morning at 10:45 am Adrianne Nelson will guide a panel discussion called “The Talent Talks Back”. One of our Specialists, Ashok Baron Kundanmal, will join other on-demand workers to share their experiences working in the gig economy.


Hope to see you at the event! If you’re missing it this year, look back here next week for a recap of my experience at the conference.

About The Author

Eddie is the Executive Chairman and one of the founders of Shiftgig. He is also co-founder and board director of One Goal, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit that improves college acceptance and persistence by empowering urban high school students through a teacher-led 3 year fellowship.