Market Spotlight: Miami

Today we’re speaking with Laura, a Florida native and Shiftgig’s General Manager for our Miami and Tampa offices. Welcome, Laura!

Laura, thanks for joining us today. Can you catch us up on our Miami market?

Miami is one of the nation’s largest and most diverse centers of commerce, culture, entertainment and international trade. It’s an incredibly vivacious city year-round, but even more so right now. With summer ending and the heat dying down, more and more tourists are flocking in to experience our unique downtown and beach scenes. We also see a ton of tourists coming into the Port of Miami, the number one cruise passenger port in the world.

That Sounds like a great place to be right now. What else is unique about the Miami market?

Everyone knows Miami for its strong Latin culture and incredible beaches, but it has actually also become a significant center for research institutes, medical centers and biotech endeavours. It’s also known for being a center for financial services, trade and media.

It Sounds like there’s a lot happening in the Miami area! Are you seeing any business trends specific to the area?

Trade, transportation and utilities continues to be the Miami’s primary area of employment and has increased by 2.1% since last year. Professional and business services is the second most popular segment of employment, followed by education and health services and leisure and hospitality.

But Miami is also like a lot of other cities around the country – workers are looking for more work to supplement their incomes and are seeking flexible ways to do it. We’re finding that a lot of these people are interested in working shifts through Shiftgig so that they can earn extra money, sharpen their skills and ultimately gain experience with new venues.

That’s Interesting. What’s currently happening in the city that you can share? Are you getting ready to help businesses staff any large events?

Art Basel is one of Miami’s premiere events. It’s a culmination of 269 galleries from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa showing off the best of the best in Modern and contemporary art and we’re currently looking for Shiftgig specialists to work it.

Our thanks to Laura for giving us a peek into Shiftgig’s operations in Miami! Check back on our blog next month to learn about another Shiftgig market.

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