Meet Shana: Mom, Teacher Leadership Expert and Shiftgig Specialist

It’s not at all uncommon for moms to use their precious (and well-deserved) spare time for on-demand work. In fact, at Shiftgig, we have found that some of our top-performing Specialists are also full-time mothers.

Shana Robinson is one of those super-star moms.

During the school year, Shana works in education. Boasting a Master’s Degree in Teacher Leadership with a focus in Special Education, she serves as a Diverse Learner’s Case Manager with Chicago Public Schools. She also shares her love of baking and cooking through her small business, which provides meals and desserts for holidays and other special occasions.

If that weren’t enough, Shana manages to work food service and event support gigs through Shiftgig. Her favorite part about working those shifts? She often gets to work them with her son, Herbert. “Any time with family is important – even if it’s working together,” she told Shiftgig.

Shana’s sons introduced her to Shiftgig this past summer and she immediately signed up, looking forward to the flexible shifts and extra income she could put towards her student loans. “During the summer, I pick up more shifts because I am on summer break,” she explained. ”If I am fortunate enough to secure a teaching assignment, that’s usually over by 12 p.m., so I still have time in my day to work the afternoons. Otherwise, I’ll work some weekends.”

Shana can’t work every shift with her son, but when she does, she says it’s wonderful. “We like working the summer outdoor festivals together,” she said. “It has given me insight into how he as a younger Specialist interacts with customers.”

Both Shana and Herbert have received glowing reviews from the Shiftgig team and clients. “They enjoy working together,” Shermetrius Bush, Chicago’s Community Operations team member, said. “Herbert is definitely a go-getter and they are both very reliable and always on time.”

Shana says she likes working for Shiftgig for the convenience and the opportunity to work a variety of jobs around the city. Her favorite gig she has worked was the House Music Picnic because the attendees appreciated her customer service and everyone seemed to have a great time. She also enjoyed working with the staff for the Dinosaur Experience at Navy Pier. “There’s always something happening in Chicago!” she said.

When Shana’s not working, she’s travelling or singing – she is currently part of a 10-week competition with Second City’s Karaoke Competition. Her favorite thing, however, is spending time with her family. She says Herbert likes to hang with his friends, but when he comes to visit, she likes cooking him his favorite meals.

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About The Author

Jane Smith is the Community Relations Manager at Shiftgig. She is passionate about helping Shiftgig Specialists and helping transform the way people work. In her free time, Jane loves cooking, exploring Chicago, and spending time with family.