Meet Raul: Entrepreneur, Foodie and Shiftgig Specialist

Raul Rodriguez is no ordinary Miamian.

Born in Havana, Cuba of Spanish heritage, Raul considers himself “privileged to be a U.S. citizen.” He is a notoriously hard worker and has spent the majority of his life pursuing careers in hospitality and real estate. He has held corporate positions in sales, marketing, management, international business and business intelligence.

“My strong work ethic and past experiences, as well as my passion for food, beverages, entertaining and exceeding client expectations have provided a solid foundation for today,” he told Shiftgig.

A solid foundation, indeed. Since joining Shiftgig in June, Raul picks up shifts weekly (if not daily), and has successfully completed over 150 shifts across the hospitality industry. Most recently, Raul worked as a food assembler for the Dean & DeLuca “Stage” prototype at Design Miami 2016.


“It was a privilege and high honor to work with the entire team while serving extraordinary meals and sharing experiences with guest and coworkers,” he said. “My peers even cheered me on during the photo and video shoots!”

“With his bubbly and enthusiastic personality, Raul is Miami’s Specialist superhero,” boasted Keira Arnold, Community Operations Specialist for Shiftgig’s Miami office. “He has worked 154 shifts with zero call offs and zero no calls/no shows. He has been ‘All-Starred’ 12 times and our clients can’t get enough of him. Within the seven months Raul has been a part of our team, he has become the epitome of what we want our Specialists to embody.”

In speaking with Raul, we found he loves Shiftgig almost as much as we love him. “Shiftgig provides excellent opportunities to leverage, challenge and diversify my skills with clients,” he said. “Receiving an ‘All-Star’ rating from a client is the highest compliment a Specialist can receive. It strengthens professional bonds and provides an opportunity to claim shifts first!”

When Raul is not working and earning All-Star status, he enjoys spending time with his wife, family and friends. His favorite things include travelling, cooking, entertaining and watching foreign films. He’s loved by most everyone he knows and is often told that he is funny and entertaining.

“Should I consider getting a talent agent based on my performance in the video?” he joked. Based on his dedication to his Shiftgig work, we’d say he’s got a shot at whatever he pursues.


About The Author

Jane Smith is the Community Relations Manager at Shiftgig. She is passionate about helping Shiftgig Specialists and helping transform the way people work. In her free time, Jane loves cooking, exploring Chicago, and spending time with family.