5 Challenges On-Demand Staffing Solutions Solve During Peak Season

Believe it or not, the holidays are quickly approaching, and for many agencies, this leads to a huge spike in the need for seasonal talent. Is your staffing firm  prepared? If not, an on-demand staffing solution can help you get ready (and it’s easier than you think!). The holiday season brings an influx of seasonal workers in a variety of industries, but an on-demand staffing solution can help solve many of the challenges that come with this increase of workers.

1. Fluctuating need 

During peak season, businesses like hotels, restaurants, and other light industrial warehouses  establishments get much busier, but it can be extremely hard to predict. It’s not easy to deal with this fluctuation and get the right staff scheduled, so you’re undoubtedly used to fire drills from clients who are short-staffed. 

Imagine if a client could place a self-service order for last-minute workers with just a few clicks. By using an on-demand staffing solution, agencies can ensure that clients are always able to have the workers they need whenever they need them. That way, businesses don’t lose money by being over or understaffed and your agency is able to adjust to their changing needs at a moment’s notice—even during off-hours. 

2. Eliminate Skill Gaps

When peak season hits and businesses are serving more customers than ever, skill gaps become obvious quickly. In the rush to hire, business owners often end up with talent that doesn’t have the skill set to fill roles. In this case, your agency can use on-demand staffing solutions to your advantage to make sure your clients get the right workers to meet your clients’ needs. For example, there are significant differences between a mixologist and a beer/wine server, so sending the wrong person with the wrong skillset could lead to a very unhappy client. On-demand software platforms offer different ways of tagging your workforce to ensure you’re sending the right people with the right skills for the job. 

3. Managing the talent pool

So you find the right talent, put them to work for a client and the next time shifts need to be filled, you’re on the hunt for workers again. Does this sound familiar? If you’re nodding your head yes, this is another place that an on-demand staffing solution can save the day. For example, Deploy by Shiftgig allows you to create a pool of workers that you can redeploy when there are shifts to fill. That way, agencies and businesses have a vetted talent pool at their fingertips. In fact, staffing agencies are seeing an average of 80% of workers are a familiar face, returning back to work for a particular client multiple times! This significantly cuts down on the orientation and training time that can really add up when bringing in a brand new person. 

4. Retention 

Retaining workers is challenging any time of year and the holiday season is no different. In fact, in some cases retaining workers during the holidays can be even more challenging, as people tend to slow down and take more time off. However, an on-demand staffing solution can make retention easier for your agency. By offering the flexibility to pick up shifts that work for their schedule, workers show up to the jobs that they’ve claimed ready and eager to work. (We’re seeing no call, no show rates lower than 1.5% across our platform!)  On-demand staffing technology makes it easier to engage with the workers you’d like to have back on a similar shift while giving them a feeling of empowerment to work when and where they want.

5. Worker management

During this busy season, staying on track is more important than ever. Agencies and their clients often struggle to keep up with the increasing pace and juggle all the tasks to be done on a day to day basis because it typically involves switching between many different systems. Managing workers is a task that can take up a lot of time. The good news? An on-demand staffing solution can help take this off your plate too! With Deploy, you can view rosters, communicate with workers, and view the outcome of each shift in real-time. Workers also have access to our mobile timecard functionality to clock in and out and track their time. This way, you don’t have to worry about tracking down all this information yourself. Better still, it can feed directly into your VMS to make payroll simple and seamless! 

Now that you’ve had your crash-course in on-demand staffing for the holidays, it’s time to put your plans into action. Want to learn more about our on-demand staffing solution, Deploy?  

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