Are Staffing Agencies Seeing Success with Deploy by Shiftgig?

We’ve had a busy last few months at Shiftgig HQ in Chicago and you’ve probably been hearing the buzz. You might also be wondering if agencies are seeing success as they adopt the Deploy platform. 

First, let’s quickly recap what we’ve been up to: 

In February we formally brought our workforce engagement platform, Deploy, to market. We had spent years building, testing, and enhancing the software as it was the foundation of our own staffing marketplace. This gave us tons of great data and insight into what works and what doesn’t for agencies as they stepped into the digital on-demand marketplace world. 

In April, we announced that we were divesting our staffing business in a strategic decision to focus solely on building best-in-class workforce technology. We believe that our software, combined with your own staffing agency’s operational expertise, can transform the way more people work than we ever could keeping this technology to ourselves. 

We’ve been busy on-boarding lots of new staffing agencies onto the Deploy platform over the past several months, but we’ve been keeping a close eye on their performance as they begin implementing this new way of working into their day-to-day operations with their clients and their worker pools. 

Now that the dust is starting to settle, you might be wondering if other agencies are actually seeing success with Deploy. Here are some highlights from client feedback and Deploy’s data and analytics dashboards.

  • When we asked clients how Deploy was impacting their recruiting teams, one agency told us, “This is easily saving 4 hours per day for each of our recruiters.” Other agencies had similar feedback when we shared that stat, “I bet it’s even higher than that!” This means that agencies can use these time-savings to drive double the revenue without adding to their internal headcount. 
  • The agencies using Deploy have added a total of 26,718 workers into their respective tenants since February, growing their pool of available workers and increasing demand for new client shifts. This means more revenue coming in the door from their on-demand, self-service marketplaces! 
  • Since June, workers have claimed more than 46,000 shifts through the Shiftgig app! Agencies are continuing to see this grow exponentially every month as both their clients and their workers adopt the technology. 
  • Across the platform, agencies are seeing an average of 1.4% no-call no-show rates. This means workers are claiming shifts and actually showing up, building trust and reliability between them and your clients. It also proves to your recruiters that an on-demand marketplace actually works! 

We’re so proud of our staffing agency partners that are #PoweredbyShiftgig and seeing great success rolling out the Deploy platform in their various markets across the U.S. If you’re interested in building an on-demand marketplace at your staffing agency, let us know! We’d love to discuss how Deploy can help your agency improve efficiency and drive more revenue.  

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About The Author

Stephanie is the Director of Marketing at Shiftgig and a self-proclaimed bar trivia extraordinaire. When she’s not helping transform the way people work, she is on the hunt for the best tacos in Chicago and cheering on the Boston Red Sox. To connect with Stephanie, follow her on Twitter @ShiftgigSteph.