Be a Long-Term Employer of Five Generations

With five generations actively working in the US, it’s no wonder there’s confusion about what matters to the average employee. Overall, you can expect workers to desire good compensation, commitment to our well-being, and flexible schedules. However, the stereotypes that influence what we think about each age group are exaggerated at best. 

Younger generations are seen as unfocused and entitled with a dependency on technology. Older generations are viewed as out of touch and unwilling to adapt. In reality, a majority of Millennials and Generation Z believe their jobs are key components of their personal identity while 6 in 10 Baby Boomers want training to learn new skills and keep their industry knowledge up to date.

The Gig Economy Can Work For Everyone

Despite these predispositions, young and old find a way to work together cohesively and complete work they care about on a regular basis. Especially in the gig economy, you’re seeing a multi-generational labor force utilizing shift-based work for a variety of reasons. 

Whether retirement savings are running low or young creatives and entrepreneurs need income to fuel their personal passions, temporary staffing firms can cater to the needs of older workers while appealing to the younger generation looking for work by providing tools that matter to them. 

However, “gig work” has been around long before the tech disruptors of taxi services and food delivery. In fact, 83% of Millennials and Gen Z are considering joining the gig economy in lieu of a standard 9-5. The trick here is captivating younger generations with necessary technology implementations and appealing to older generations with flexibility and variety.

Appeal to the Younger Workforce with Tech

Even though 32% of gig workers choose contingent work because of the flexibility, younger workers want opportunities that support longevity and up-to-date technology that automates tedious aspects of their job. They see automation as a way to be more productive and action-based with their time. If full-time employees are willing to walk away from roles without proper technology, what do you think gig workers are doing? 

Newsflash: if your on-demand staffing firm still uses a call-sheet to confirm claimed shifts, chances are your above average turnover rates are hemorrhaging cash.

As people become more interconnected and require an omni-channel experience when looking for work, on-demand staffing agencies can empower their workforce with the right digital staffing software. A platform that offers new and unique assignments will keep young workers engaged because the opportunities will be put in their hands. Staffing agencies implementing digital staffing solutions like Deploy are seeing less churn because workers can give feedback on shifts in order to find the best-fit opportunity for them. This allows recruiters to coach and upskill your staffing agency’s current workforce to take on more responsibilities that your clients offer.

Appeal to the Older Workforce with Flexibility 

Younger folks are not the only ones interested in the perks and benefits of working in the gig economy. With changes to pension plans and Social Security, people are choosing to work longer in the labor force despite being eligible for retirement. Gig work is actually a great way for seniors to continue to make income on their own terms. 

Seniors in the gig economy may need a little bit more instruction when it comes to using technology at first, but they typically pick it up quickly and, similar to younger workers, enjoy browsing and claiming jobs that fit their schedules and interest them. They also enjoy the opportunity to try out a variety of positions.

Your staffing firm has the unique chance to tap into a talent pool that spans five generations. Give them the tools to succeed and build your brand to foster a loyal, long-term working relationship.

Are you ready to empower your workforce and transform your staffing business?

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