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Marketing agencies are constantly thinking of unique and attention-grabbing ways to create positive brand associations through various campaigns and mediums. Whether a company is promoting their brand through an event or value-add experience, they all need one common variable for its success: reliable on-demand staff. This is where BookedOut by Shiftgig comes in. 

What is BookedOut by Shiftgig?

BookedOut is a powerful, secure mobile and cloud-based platform that seamlessly empowers staffing and marketing agencies in their complete field event management and staffing projects. You can scale one event to thousands of events with ease in a trackable, integrated implementation. Built for real-time interaction, BookedOut avoids miscommunication, lost data, KPI misses, payroll errors, effort duplicity and siloed work.

Who does BookedOut Help?

BookedOut appeals to event coordinators and their clients for seamless communication throughout the entire process and provides task milestones, so everyone involved in the event understands what needs to happen next. Clients and event managers can: 

  • View the status of each event in order to provide complete transparency
  • Manage, rate, and deploy event staff
  • Submit event reports within their optimized web portal 
  • Aggregate data with insightful dashboards in order to inform future KPI decisions

Your event management and experiential marketing tech stack will perform at the highest capacity with BookedOut’s ability to integrate your applicant tracking system (ATS), payroll, CRM, and more.

Brand ambassadors and event staff can use BookedOut to post photos and videos in the app to showcase their personality and interests when creating their profile. They can add past experience to feature their competencies within the event industry. BookedOut will send on-demand staff notifications for events in their area, and they can pick and choose which opportunities fit their schedule and skills.

This will provide clients and event managers with the best talent pipeline in order to deploy the best field staff. 

What Types of Agencies Use BookedOut?

Marketing and staffing agencies that primarily use experiential marketing to create positive experiences with their clients and consumers use BookedOut regularly. Think of anything from trade shows and conferences to brand activations at concerts or temporary installations that grab your attention.

In order to execute these ideas, these agencies need reliable, experienced people who know how to attract desired consumers for their product or service being offered by the client.

What Makes BookedOut Better Than Other Event Management Solutions?

With so many resources being allocated to events, trade shows, and brand awareness campaigns, clients need assurance that they’re receiving the best services when hosting events. BookedOut allows every stakeholder in the event planning process to collaborate and offer feedback within a user-friendly interface that emphasizes self-service. This means users can:

  • Bulk upload staff and encourage self-registration
  • Schedule staff directly or automatically book vetted staff that’s available
  • Deploy staff to individual or multiple events 
  • Create and assign tasks to deliver and gather information from your staff before, during, and after a shift

It’s so important to have as many positive engagements with consumers as you can that also leave a lasting impression. BookedOut helps your agency scale these engagements through interdisciplinary collaboration and input with the most accurate information at your fingertips. 

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