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BookedOut is now Shiftgig.

Shiftgig connects on-demand ambassadors and the most talented event staffers with the best experiential brands and agencies.






Were you looking for BookedOut.com? Don't worry, you're in the right place. In September 2016, BookedOut was acquired by Shiftgig, a technology that connects businesses with the on-demand workforce through its industry-leading mobile platform. Going forward, any time you see BookedOut, it is synonymous with Shiftgig. You can expect the same customer service and support you experienced with BookedOut from the Shiftgig team. 

The BookedOut apps in the App Store and Google Play Store will continue to be available, and will allow you to find and connect with some of the best brands and events in experiential. The apps continue to operate as always; however, the name and branding will gradually change over the coming months to align with the Shiftgig brand.

You can log in to the BookedOut by Shiftgig client portal here.

About Us

Whether you're looking for temporary brand staff for an experiental marketing campaign, a national convention, annual festival or other large-scale event, Shiftgig is the premier technology platform for finding talented, on-demand staff to represent your brand.

When it comes to staffing for experiental marketing events, Shiftgig has a proven track record of great work, with top-tier, name brand companies. Our brand staff fill some of the most valuable roles — ranging from brand ambassadors, to promo models, to street teams and more — for experiental marketing compaigns across the country.

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