Event planning, staffing, and tracking are made easier than ever before with BookedOut by Shiftgig. This product has both web and mobile-based applications designed for marketing agencies, staffing agencies, and brands to ensure that each event is a success from the planning stages to the retrospective.


Efficient Collaboration

BookedOut is designed for seamless collaboration between stakeholders, providing you with a user-friendly interface to get the feedback you need from the people who are most important to the success of your event.

Streamlined Staff Onboarding and Scheduling

Make your event management process less of a headache by onboarding the workers you need for the event through BookedOut. You’ll have comprehensive control over the management of your event with our app; it has functionality that allows you to mass-upload your staff or have them self-register, schedule your staff directly or auto-book, and schedule individual events or mass-assign staff to multiple events.

Communicate With Your Staff

Schedule your staff and communicate with them through BookedOut. Staff members complete tasks and milestones in the application leading up to and during their events so that everyone involved in the event is on the same page every step of the way.

Track the Success of Your Event

Our web-based tools and mobile apps allow you to collect data about your event as it’s happening. Aggregate your data, plan and track tasks, and use this data to inform your event planning process in the future so you can continue to improve!

How Can Bookedout Help Your Experiential Marketing Agency?

Flexible for Different Events & Event Sizes

BookedOut is scalable for your specific staff and event size, so it can help you manage anything from a small event to an event with several thousand attendees.

You Have the Control

You’re able to plan all event activities, manage deployment, track all tasks, and even rate your field staff, all within the BookedOut interface.

Provide Transparency

With Client Tools, your clients and event managers can create and view events, manage staff, and submit event reports within their own mobile optimized web portal. With their own event control panel, they can quickly view the status of events across all their programs. Detailed permissioning structure allows you to tailor each user’s access to features.

Integrate Everything You Need

BookedOut allows you to integrate your applicant tracking system (ATS), payroll, CRM, and more.