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Is Your Organization Prepared for the Future of Work?

For most modern businesses, agility is now the norm in the “future of work.” From adopting technologies that provide real-time intelligence into worker behavior to incorporating gig workers more strategically into their talent frameworks, organizations are preparing for this new world of work.

Do any of these statistics sound a little too familiar to you and your organization?

  • 71% of businesses say the desire to be a more agile business is their top challenge
  • Only 13% of CWM leaders are using AI and machine learning
  • 72% of CWM programs say organizational culture does not allow them to embrace new work optimization technologies or strategies
  • 57% of best-in-class organizations have a formalized “agile talent strategy” but more staggeringly, of the rest, only 13% do

Other companies just like you are examining how gig workers fit into their contingent workforce strategies. We want to help you take a step closer to engaging the gig workforce so we took a look through Ardent Partners' 2017-2018 State of Contingent Workforce Management: The Convergence of Talent, Technology and the Future of Work report. From there, we created a checklist of questions based on its research so you can gauge your organization’s own preparedness. Fill out the form to get the full checklist.

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