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Shiftgig Deploy Connects You with On-Demand Labor

More than 50% of staffing firms only re-deploy 25% of their workforce. How are you re-deploying your temporary labor pool?


What Can You Expect?


Efficiency Gains

Shiftgig Deploy eliminates the burdensome and time-consuming administrative activities related to deploying and engaging talent. With Shiftgig automating redeployment, staffing firms are now able to focus on more scalable, profitable activities.


Quality Improvements

With Shiftgig Deploy’s smart match algorithm, staffing firms are assured their talent pools are matched with opportunities most relevant to their experience, schedules, location and preferences. Over time, the quality of the matches significantly improves.


Cost Savings

 When staffing firms use Shiftgig to re-deploy their existing talent pools, the cost of supplying and managing new candidates is significantly reduced.

our Marketplace-as-a-service empowers

Smart POOL Creation 

Seamlessly match your talent pools to available work and connect qualified workers to the right job or project.

data insights 

Collect millions of data points in real time, 24/7. Shiftgig's predictive models assess worker reliability and help you make better decisions. 

Dynamic rosters 

Stay up-to-speed through dynamic rosters and real-time check-in and check out. Reduce the time spent on timekeeping and payroll. 

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