Deploy by Shiftgig: Now for Long-Term Assignments

Shiftgig is always focused on one mission: Transforming the Way People Work.

When we first started as a job board in 2011, our primary focus was in the hospitality space. We were connecting workers with restaurants and bars who needed workers to pick up shifts in the Chicagoland area. We continued to thrive, particularly in short-term industries, as we began running our own on-demand marketplace and digital staffing agency, employing thousands of workers and supporting hundreds of clients across the country. 

In early 2019, we began bringing Deploy by Shiftgig to market as a software offering, enabling staffing firms to run their own on-demand marketplaces, but we were met with some raised eyebrows. Particularly, from firms who were concerned about “co-opetition” or competing for the same workers and clients while using our technology to run their own business.

So around this time last year, we knew we needed to make a pivotal change in our company’s history. We divested our staffing business to two great partners: LGC Hospitality and Headway Workforce Solutions, and a new Shiftgig was born. A Shiftgig that is 100% focused on bringing staffing agencies a powerful software platform to empower their workforce, streamline their operations, and support their clients. 

What’s New About Deploy? 

We know that innovation is a critical piece of being a successful software business, so as we began embarking on the next major enhancement to Deploy, we took a step back to look at the staffing industry as a whole. You likely think of Shiftgig when you think of hospitality work, events, or other contingent industries, but how could we take principles of the gig economy that are working well in our current product like flexibility, self-service, and the ability to provide feedback, but expand our ability to apply them to a broader subset of work?

We are thrilled to announce a significant expansion to our Deploy platform. Now, staffing agencies can use Deploy to support all types of work: short-term immediate needs, and longer-term, more curated placements all in one place! 

This isn’t an entirely new platform or separate software. It’s Deploy by Shiftgig, now built to support your entire staffing business, regardless of the type of assignments you offer. The key benefits remain the same: 

  • Self-service enables empowered workers to decide on their best-fit roles that they’re qualified for and deploy to opportunities with less recruiter effort.
  • Workers keep recruiters informed through structured and unstructured feedback, allowing recruiters to prioritize the right activities to drive retention. 
  • Workers can exit wrong-fit opportunities and be redeployed to new assignments. 

We are proud to support your agency in deploying, retaining, and engaging your workforce and your clients – regardless of the industries you serve. Let us help you build your very own digital staffing marketplace! 

Ready to see our new long-term functionality in action? 

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About The Author

Stephanie is the Director of Marketing at Shiftgig and a self-proclaimed bar trivia extraordinaire. When she’s not helping transform the way people work, she is on the hunt for the best tacos in Chicago and cheering on the Boston Red Sox. To connect with Stephanie, follow her on Twitter @ShiftgigSteph.