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We understand that managing your workforce can be challenging, and can take time away from scaling your business and building relationships to drive growth. Deploy is a flexible solution that can serve the needs of staffing agencies and businesses of all sizes. Deploy is the best solution to connect your workers with the work they are qualified for and interested in. It allows you to record and manage all information about your workers, clients, and work in one system without the usual manual effort.

For Your Workforce

Keep Workers Engaged

On Deploy’s worker app, your workers will see a variety of open opportunities to keep things interesting, but they’ll only be able to see work that they’re qualified for. Staffing agencies who use Deploy to provide flexibility and choice to workers retain them three times longer than agencies who don’t.

Workers Arrive Prepared

Deploy’s native mobile app has clear descriptions of each shift, including a map, uniform requirements, and other important details so that your workers show up prepared and ready to work.

Know Your Workforce is On Site

Our geoverified clock-in and clock-out feature verifies the worker’s location when they arrive on site, allowing you to see exactly when your workers arrive to the assignment and how long they stay.

Learn About Your Workforce

Workers are able to give real-time feedback on the shifts they work, allowing businesses to get real-time visibility into positive and negative aspects of their day. Businesses that use this feedback reduce absenteeism and turnover in their organization. This feedback also feeds into our smart-match algorithm, helping us provide smarter shift recommendations for each individual worker.

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For Your Client

Be Open 24/7

While many of your recruiters work long hours, they can’t work around the clock. With Deploy, your clients can place their own orders through an easy, self-service web or mobile app built just for them. This frees your team up to focus on other projects and priorities.

Accurate & Speedy Ordering

With reusable order templates, clients can save details about their shifts that don’t typically change, like positions, shift descriptions, contact information, and uniform details. Clients simply log onto their mobile or web app, select from templates they use to place orders, choose number of people they need, the date (or multiple dates), and times.This streamlines the ordering process and avoids typos and potential confusion.

Respond Instantly to Client Needs With High-Quality Workers

Connect your clients with the best workers available—best-fit workers for each job posted will get immediate access, allowing your clients to staff shifts efficiently with people who are qualified for the work. Many shifts are filled within minutes!

Curate Worker Pools

Your clients can keep the best workers coming back by All-Starring those who have done a great job in the past. Workers who have been All-Starred get early access to future shifts, followed by those with experience with that same client. Over time, your clients will have a pool full of qualified, experienced and hardworking people ready to pick up gigs as soon as they’re available to them on the worker app.

Eliminate Inaccurate Invoicing

Deploy’s client-facing app avoids invoicing problems by allowing your client to enter time in the app. All time information gets collected in files that can be manually fed into your payroll and billing systems. Alternatively, by integrating your payroll system with our Timesheet API, you can pull in this information automatically.

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For Your Staffing Team

Transparency Into Your Agency’s Performance

Operations Manager is built for your internal teams to have easy access to the data that will help your business grow. This web-based admin view gives you in-depth visibility into your pool of workers, their profiles, preferences, performance, and feedback.

Complete Control Over Worker Qualifications

You get to fully control what your workforce sees through managing their profile, skills, and compliance details, allowing you to tailor postings until they’re perfect so that your clients get only the right work. This ensures that workers are claiming shifts that fit their skills and experience, leading to successful assignments and happy clients.

Understand Your Engaged Workforce

Get meaningful business metrics into your team’s hands. Monitor critical performance indicators like worker engagement, success metrics, and in-app activity so you can optimize and scale your business.

Automated Backfills

Dropped shifts are going to happen, but they don’t need to cause headaches. Our waitlist feature allows workers to add themselves to a list if a shift they’re interested in is already full. If someone drops, the waitlist automatically backfills that assignment with another qualified, available worker.



Deploy By Shiftgig

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Implementing Deploy Is Simple

There are three simple phases to rolling out Deploy at your organization, giving you time to get used to all of the features and dashboards before it’s fully implemented.



Test out the real product and see if it could work for you.



Give the product a realistic evaluation with a small-scale introduction at your company.



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