Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing for On-Demand Staffing Firms

In today’s job market, there are literally not enough people to fill open jobs. And the on-demand staffing industry is suffering the most with a plethora of gig-based platforms out there like Lyft, Task Rabbit, and Doordash taking workers away from traditional staffing firms. In this extremely tight labor market, staffing firms have to be more deliberate and savvy than ever when it comes to promoting their brand, so they can attract the best candidates and keep them happy in the long-term. 

How do we start? By understanding the difference between employer branding and recruitment marketing and when to utilize which. Pundits have argued whether they are one in the same or separate tactics that need to be executed in tandem. Based on aggregate public opinion in the staffing industry, we’ve decided to go with the latter. 

Employer Branding vs. Recruitment Marketing

Employer branding determines “the why” or identity of the brand while recruitment marketing is “the how” by promoting it through varied channels. We’ll dive more into the processes of each tactic and explain why both are needed to attract and retain the best talent.

What is Employer Branding?

Employer Branding (EB) refers to the company’s reputation based on their vision, mission, and values. This is accomplished through establishing an employee value proposition (EVP), a unique set of offerings (ie. benefits, compensation, etc.) to positively influence ideal candidates and differentiate your company from the competition. In staffing, EB is especially important because you need to attract two types of talent: internal employees for your corporate team as well as your prospective candidates for placement. 

Candidates are going to research your company’s reputation on platforms like LinkedIn and Glassdoor, and if they don’t like what they see; they will move on. Sixty-nine of candidates won’t apply to a company with a bad reputation even if they’re unemployed. Defining your agency’s culture and finding ways to incorporate it into the day-to-day will impact digital channels like the platforms mentioned above. One great example of Employer Branding is a light industrial staffing firm, The Job Center, Powered by Shiftgig. Every person at The Job Center is hyper focused on one thing: Changing Lives. Whether you ask the CEO, Kyle Decker, or an individual recruiter at one of their 22 branches, their corporate team genuinely lives this mission and their associates can feel it when they interact with the agency.

The more your employer brand is developed and disseminated, the more likely your recruitment marketing efforts will attract qualified talent.

What is Recruitment Marketing?

Recruitment marketing (RM) is geared towards attracting the right talent by promoting the established Employer Brand through various channels and engaging content creation. This type of content could be anything from posting job openings that highlight growth and leadership opportunities to producing lifestyle videos that accentuate the story your company is trying to tell. 

The point is potential candidates will be attracted to your Employer Brand, but recruitment marketing is how you create awareness in the first place. Encouraging current employees to share their experiences on online platforms mentioned above is a great way to generate grass-roots buzz, with their testimonials effectively doing the work for you.

Now that you’ve tapped into the best talent through tried and true employer branding and recruitment marketing strategies, here’s the hard part – how do you improve retention in an industry where its workforce is compelled to job hop?

Retention is Rough in the Gig Economy

On-demand staffing firms have all experienced workers “ghosting” on shifts to pursue an opportunity across the street that pays a small amount more per hour meaning your carefully-curated employee value proposition (EVP) has lost its edge. For on-demand staffing agencies, this should come as no surprise because keeping hourly workers engaged and appreciated is hard due to atypical operating hours and lifestyle demands. 

Overall, an on-demand staffing firm needs a tool that will differentiate and enhance their Employer Brand (EB) from other agencies and encourage their best on-demand workers to stay.

The Right Technology Partner Can Help 

So how do we help you retain qualified talent when they’re used to constantly job hopping? We’ve worked hard to establish our Employer Brand around worker engagement. 

Specifically, Deploy, our on-demand staffing platform will complement your staffing firm’s Employer Brand by promoting a better culture that allows two-way worker and client engagement. Now, your staffing firm’s recruitment marketing efforts can reflect the added value of adopting technology that empowers your workforce. Overall, a technology partner will greatly improve the perception of your staffing firm’s EB as workers and clients alike demand a digital transformation.

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