Shiftgig for Experiential Marketing

With Bookedout by Shiftgig, you can manage all of your experiential marketing and event management staffing needs.



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Designed specifically for experiential staffing and event management.

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Web-based and mobile-optimized admin platform seamlessly connects with our user-friendly native mobile app.

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Multi-tenant data structure is highly secure.

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Customize your tenant with UI adjustments, user permissions, and API integrations.

Shiftgig Powers On-Demand Experiential Marketing Staffing Agencies

Streamline your Event Management and Staffing Processes

Manage your events and schedule staff in one streamlined platform. Ditch the spreadsheets, emails, and text messages for an organized, automated platform. Increase efficiency and productivity; allow our tech to handle tedious staffing tasks and communications so you can focus on other important projects.

Real-Time Event Monitoring

Use our geo-based talent management functions to monitor event milestones and staff scheduling. Keep track of changes in real time so you can make accurate decisions and provide up-to-date information to your clients.

Robust Reporting and Analytics

Track all field activities, assets, and media with live, real-time reporting. Access a live connection to your data with our reporting tools. Download reports at the click of a button or review dashboards to track progress and metrics that matter to your business.

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