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Staffing agencies use Shiftgig to power their on-demand workforce. If you’re in need of qualified, experienced staff or you’re looking for job opportunities, find the agency that is Powered by Shiftgig™ in your area.


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If you’re a business looking for qualified and experienced temporary staff available for hire, these staffing agencies are Powered by Shiftgig™. They use our platform to scale their business by integrating digital staffing software into their daily operations. Deploy by Shiftgig allows you to place an order for workers at the click of a button and gives you complete workforce visibility, so your business can achieve optimal strategic growth.

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Are you a worker looking for flexibility, opportunity, and control that matches your schedule? Agencies that are Powered by Shiftgig™ offer you the ability to browse and claim local shifts on your smartphone that match your skills and schedule. Apply with one of our staffing agency partners to unlock all the local opportunities you’re qualified for because our software provides the best-fit job opportunities specifically for you.

Powered by Shiftgig™

Do you need on-demand staff for your business? Are you looking for flexible work? Our staffing agency partners are Powered by Shiftgig™ and located nationwide.

Focused on hospitality staffing, LGC offers on-demand labor and flexible work opportunities nationwide.

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Offering flexible work opportunities and serving clients in need of nationwide event support or hospitality staff in New York and New Jersey.

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Providing you with personalized service and local, flexible work in FL, NC, KY, and TN.

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Born to provide temporary staffing services and flexible work opportunities to the medical community in Utah and Iowa.

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Are you a worker trying to keep up with the latest trends in the gig economy?



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Are you a worker trying to keep up with the latest trends in the gig economy?

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