Gig Economy News at a Glance: July 5, 2018

There are a lot of predictions about what the future of work will look like for workers and businesses. We’ve rounded up the latest news on the topic including recent report findings and technology insights.

Five Reasons Why The Future Of Work Lies In Freelancing

Why has freelancing grown so quickly and what led to this change in the way people work? This article from Entrepreneur outlines five viewpoints that prove freelancing truly is the future of work.

Gig Economy Update: What Business Leaders Should Know

What does the recent Bureau of Labor Statistics contingent workforce report mean for business leaders? Industry experts weigh in with their thoughts in this story from Talent Economy.  

Why Human-AI Collaboration Will Dominate The Future Of Work

We are in the midst of an “AI awakening.” How will this technology affect the way people work and how businesses hire talent? Explore some predictions in this Tech Republic article.

HR Anticipates That Work Done By Contingents Will Increase By 179%

In the next 10 years, HR managers believe contingent work will increase by 179% according to a recent report. Check out all of the report’s findings here.

Post-Work: The Radical Idea Of A World Without Jobs

The nature of work is changing which means the effect it has on people’s lives is changing as well. This story from Guardian lays out the current state of work and whether we will ever see a world without jobs.

How HR Should Prepare For The Future Of Work

As technology adoption and workforce expansion continue to drive the future of work, the role of HR will also change. Read how and what organizations can do to adopt to these changes.

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