Gig Economy News At A Glance: June 14, 2018

The latest gig economy news highlights how freelancing and other forms of contingent labor are influencing not only how people work but the impact it has on cities and businesses. Explore how in these top news articles.

Five Reasons Why the Future of Work Lies in Freelancing

Freelancing has become a significant way of working in today’s world. This article details the five reasons why the future of work lies in freelancing, including no age or earnings barriers, diverse options and technology.

Instead of Courting Amazon, Cities Should Court Freelancers

As more and more Americans participate in contingent work, cities should be focusing on attracting this talent by building the best city in the world for independent workers. Read why in this article.

Winning the War for Talent Has A New Dimension

When it comes to finding work today, a business’s traditional recruiting and engagement models are no longer compatible. Given this new dynamic, businesses must rethink how they’re recruiting, engaging and redeploying their workforce. This article shares how they’re doing just that.

Entrepreneurs Can Capitalize On The New Gig Economy

Business professionals are rapidly becoming the new entrepreneurs thanks to the demise of the era of stable lifetime jobs. Read just a few of the ways these new entrepreneurs can deliver their services in the gig economy.

Future Tech Forecast: Large-Scale Adoption Of Freelancers

Discover how forward-thinking technology companies are adapting freelancer employment strategies to ensure they continue to find the high-end professionals they need in this Forbes article.

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