Gig Economy News At A Glance: May 31, 2018

It’s evident from this week’s news roundup that gig work is impacting the way a business functions and the way people work. Keeping up with the ever changing workforce structure will help your business stay ahead of the curve. Check out these articles to learn more about the gig economy’s evolution.  

American Gig Workers’ Earnings Total $1.4 Trillion: Index

New research from PYMNTS and Hyperwallet shows the collective annual earnings of American gig workers totals $1.4 trillion. Explore this article to hear more about how they want to find gig work and why they do it.

Better Together: Blockchain and HR Professionals

The interest in gig work continues to grow but this article predicts Blockchain technologies will help empower even more individuals to participate in this way of working. Read on to learn more about the technology and how it will impact HR professionals.

Are Employers Ready To Embrace the White Collar Gig Economy?

Is corporate America ready to embrace the gig economy? With the rise of independent workers, all signs are pointing to yes. This article shares research behind how this new workforce will affect the employment structure of businesses today.

Self-employment Is a Rising Trend In the American Workforce

A new report shows millions of workers are ditching corporate careers for self-employment and 97 percent of them don’t want to return to traditional work. Learn more about the findings in this New York Post article.

Don’t Make Temps Feel Sidelined: How to manage freelancers at work

With the growth of the gig economy, it’s likely your business uses some form of temporary workers. Making sure all of your workforce fits the culture of your company is important. Consider these five pieces of advice when bringing in contingent workers.

From “Side Hustle” To “Life’s Work” — Evolving The Gig Economy

Is the gig economy just a small step towards a new work paradigm? With more and more side-hustles and gig work turning into careers, it could be true. Explore the reasoning behind this prediction and how it may affect your business in this Forbes article.

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