Gig Economy News at a Glance: October 11, 2018

Missing out on popular gig economy news? We’ve got you covered. Read highlights from the latest stories to keep you up-to-date on industry happenings.

10 Highest-Paying Gig Economy Jobs: How to Become a Six-Figure-Earning Freelancer
Check out these 10 gig jobs that pay well including virtual reality, freelance video editing, robotics and more.

In Robust Job Market, Gig Workers’ Satisfaction on Par With Wider Workforce
According to a recent survey, gig workers and traditional workers have the same level of satisfaction in many areas of their lives including pay, life balance and vacation time.

Three Things Business Owners Should Know About The Gig Economy

Learn how the growing gig economy is helping to redefine how workers and business owners interact to offer flexibility on both sides.

Thriving In The Gig Economy: 15 Key Strategies For Success

Read advice from 15 business and/or career coaches about thriving as a worker in today’s gig economy.

No Fixed Benefits—Yet Gig Economy Rocks
For many gig workers, the pluses outway the minuses of gigging because it gives them a flexible schedule and the chance to pursue creative work they desire.

Continuous Processes Feed the Gig Economy

The always-on, or “continuous” aspect of many of today’s businesses provide opportunities for gig workers who need or want flexibility.

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