Gig Economy News at a Glance: October 25, 2018

Missing out on popular gig economy news? We’ve got you covered. Read highlights from the latest stories to keep you up-to-date on industry happenings.

Seniors Finding Jobs in the Gig Economy Created by Millennials

Learn how retirees are looking to gig work to earn extra money and put their skills to good use, while also being able to choose their own schedule.


The Art Of The Side Hustle: How Two Teachers Balance School And Their DIY Gig

These two teachers are using digital technology to run and manage their side gigs while also enjoying their families and full-time careers.

This “Christmas Elf” Job In Finland Is The Merriest Gig For The Holiday Season
If you love the Christmas season, then check out this very merry gig in Finland. It just might be your dream gig!

Uber, Airbnb Could Make Gig Workers Part-Owners — If SEC Gives OK
Usually reserved for employees, more and more gig companies are interested in granting shares to their gig workers, but the SEC must approve it first.

Deep Dive: How Prepaid Cards Can Ease Gig Workers’ Payment Plans

Flexible payment cards can be beneficial for gig workers and also for managing the finances at companies who want to use gig workers.

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