Shiftgig for Healthcare Staffing

The healthcare staffing industry is always on the lookout for top talent. Deploy by Shiftgig can schedule your per-diem nurses and healthcare professionals with ease and keep track of important credentials. Your clients and staff will feel taken care of when using Deploy by Shiftgig.



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Connect your staffing firm’s talent with healthcare jobs that fit their schedules and their areas of expertise.

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Two-way feedback and ratings create specific insights for improved worker experience.

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Optimize your workforce performance, manage worker profiles, timecards, and enable client self-service.

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Apply a digital transformation to your on-demand healthcare agency for explosive growth.

Shiftgig Powers Per-diem Healthcare Staffing Agencies

Transforming the Way People Work

How can you get your top healthcare staff to keep coming back to your agency and keep them in the field? Deploy allows healthcare professionals to create their own schedules and give them access to all the opportunities they are qualified for in your agency. A recruiter’s vetted worker pool will be able to pick up jobs whenever and wherever they want with Deploy’s smart-match algorithm. Two-way feedback tools collect data to make shifts better for the client and the worker together.

Automate Scheduling

Implement a client self-service portal, so recruiters don’t have to lift a finger. Create job templates for the typical positions clients need so they can reorder at will. This feature empowers healthcare workers to pick up shifts 24/7 which will increase engagement and retention. Deploy automates your back-office functions like timesheets and scheduling as well. Now, recruiters can focus on finding and vetting healthcare professionals while Deploy automates many of the more manual tasks of placing people on an assignment.

Data Capture and Insights

Get insightful, real-time visibility of your workforce’s deployment and your agency’s performance with out-of-the-box dashboards showing metrics like fill rate, time-to-fill, and no-show rates. Custom dashboards can be built to track specific metrics that matter the most to your agency like worker engagement and retention.

Integrate and Scale

The Deploy platform has open APIs for seamless integration with your healthcare staffing agency’s current systems. Customization is available to connect and scale payroll, client information, worker data and more with our open APIs. We designed our technology with staffing in mind, so your agency can start seeing the benefits of Deploy immediately.

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How Can Deploy Impact Your Business?

Number of Recruiters on Your Team

Your Agency's Annual Gross Revenue

If you eliminated at least 2 hours per day of a recruiter's time spent managing fill for your clients, your staffing agency could see


additional gross revenue per year or


additional gross revenue per employee



Deploy by Shiftgig

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