How Marketplace Technology Can Help You Engage the Next Generation of Workers

This week we sponsored a webinar hosted by Staffing Industry Analysts, “How Marketplace Technology Can Help You Engage the Next Generation of Workers.” Our CEO Rick Bowman led the conversation and was joined by CEO and Co-Founder of EZgig, Lyle Hanna, and SIA Research Manager, David Francis.

This webinar examined the current state of the gig economy, looking particularly at revenue and growth. We also spoke about how staffing agencies can engage and retain the right workers through marketplace technology—including how Lyle Hanna implemented this very strategy with EZgig. Here are some of the key takeaways from the webinar:

What is marketplace technology?

Marketplace technology is a digital way to connect two parties: a supplier and a consumer. We’ve all interacted with marketplace technology at some point; think of Ebay, Uber, or Amazon. For staffing agencies, it’s important to think about a workforce marketplace, which is a technology platform that connects workers and businesses that need them on-demand.

Embrace digital transformation

Using technology to solve your most complex staffing challenges will help you stay ahead of your competition. By offering your clients and workers a workforce marketplace, you’ll eliminate many of the time-consuming administrative activities that are related to shift fulfillment, deployment, and management.

Identify more high-quality workers

Meet workers where they’re at—on their smartphones. Using an app to connect workers with your available shifts will make your agency accessible to more people than ever before. It can also reduce friction and barriers of entry to start working with your agency, opening up a new pool of talent.

Focus on redeployment and engagement

Re-deploy your workers and encourage them to develop new skills to expand their number of opportunities for assignment. Data from the Shiftgig platform shows that workers who have a higher retention rate or are trained in various positions are significantly more successful.

Through the implementation of marketplace technology, Lyle Hanna created an award-winning tool for the gig economy that connects workers with opportunities around Lexington, KY. To hear more about his story, or to view the entire webinar, click below.


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