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Are you a business searching the workforce in your area for employees who are hardworking and available for hire? Get the qualified, experienced workers your business needs through staffing agencies that use Deploy by Shiftgig.

Be the Employer of Choice

Digital staffing allows you to bring the best and most experienced employees to your company through a fast and simple process. Whether you need workers for a short or long period of time, Deploy allows you to staff the people you need, when you need them.

Employ High-Quality Workers

Get connected with workers who are highly qualified for the roles you have available on-demand.

Keep The Workers You Like

Did you employ a short-term worker that did a great job through Deploy? Give them the first choice to pick up other jobs at your company by All-Starring your favorite workers. With Deploy, you’ll have a pool of the best and brightest workers to pick from the next time you need a position filled.

Improve Job Attendance

Workers using the Deploy app have hand-selected the shifts they want to work, increasing the likelihood that they’ll show up for work consistently and fully prepared for the tasks at hand.

Increase Employee Productivity

Choosing employees with the best track record, with you and with other businesses, increases the chances that you’re hiring productive workers who are the best fit for the role.

How Can Deploy Help My Business?

By digitally staffing your workers, you’re creating an on-demand pool of talent that is ready to work. Having a variety of workers available and a variety of available opportunities also ensures that you’ll be able to get the qualified workers you need when you need them. You’ll have more time and energy available to focus on your everyday business operations now that your staffing and deployment challenges are solved!

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Do you need on-demand staff for your business? We have staffing agency partners that are Powered by Shiftgig in your area.

Focused on hospitality staffing, LGC offers on-demand labor in thirteen markets across the nation.

Contact LGC Hospitality

Serving clients in need of nationwide event and trade show support or hospitality staff in New York and New Jersey.

Contact Headway

When you need the consistency of familiar, reliable faces.

Contact The Job Center

Reliable hospitality staff on-demand in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Contact Bolt Gigs

Located in the Lexington, Kentucky area? EZgig can help with all of your on-demand staffing needs

Contact EZgig

High quality, energetic, and educated bar staff

Contact Bartend Group

Providing you with personalized service in FL, NC, KY, and TN.

Contact CDS

Are you a worker looking for opportunities?

Staffing Agencies that are Powered by Shiftgig are always looking for new talent.