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What It’s Like To Work This Way

No matter your industry, skills, or experience, Shiftgig offers opportunity, flexibility, and control for temporary and shift workers. An advantage of digital staffing is that not only do staffing agencies have the ability to connect workers like you with local opportunities, but you also have the chance to browse and claim shifts on your smartphone that match your skills and schedule. Deploy connects you with agencies in your area that are Powered by Shiftgig, serving their available opportunities through our app. Shiftgig’s Deploy has work available for all demographics.



Working to make ends meet while pursuing a passion is something many workers on the Shiftgig app can relate to. John, for example, is an aspiring Jazz musician who loves spending his nights on stage in the spotlight. To supplement his income, John was picking up odd jobs around Chicago to make ends meet. That’s where he was introduced to Shiftgig.


Stay-at-Home Mom

Few will argue that the job of “Mom” is one of the hardest ones out there. Samantha loves staying at home to care for her three children, but as the youngest started school, Sam found herself with a few free hours in the afternoon. She wanted to pick up shifts a couple of times a week but flexibility was important. With Shiftgig, Sam can pick up shifts that work around her family’s busy schedule with a variety of businesses in Nashville.



It’s not easy to start your own business, but every entrepreneur knows you have to balance the need for flexibility to focus on growing your business with the need for stability and a steady paycheck. For Mark, that’s where Shiftgig came in. By enabling Mark to pick up shifts that worked for his schedule in the Miami area, he didn’t have to choose between his growing business and putting food on the table.

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Work When You Can

Get the flexibility you need while still making some extra cash! Whether you have a family to care for or another job that takes up your time, the beauty of using the Shiftgig app is that you can decide when and how you get to work. Deploy by Shiftgig displays the work shifts that are most compatible with your skill sets and experience to make finding a good fit easier. Choose shifts whenever works for you, whether that’s morning, night, several times a week, or just once. Shiftgig puts the power into your hands.

Financial Opportunities

Whether picking up shifts online is a full-time job or a side gig for you, the work opportunities you choose through Shiftgig are up to you. The jobs posted on the Deploy app by staffing agencies in your area have a wide range of pay rates and skill levels, so you’ll know when you pick up a shift exactly how much you’ll be paid per hour. Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing how much your next paycheck will be by choosing the shifts that work for you and your financial situation.

Powered By Shiftgig

Through Shiftgig, you can get connected to work opportunities all across the U.S. Shiftgig is trusted by many well-known staffing agencies who have scaled their businesses to include digital staffing opportunities. Below are some of the many agencies who use Shiftgig.

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