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Gig Workers in 2018: The Who, The What and The How?

Businesses have long engaged with individuals as direct employees, consultants or via staffing agencies. While each of these arrangements are unique, the model has largely been the same. Companies identify work that needs to be completed, and then determine whether to engage with a full-time employee, a temporary worker, consultant, agency or perhaps even an outsourcing provider.

But the gig economy ushered in a new way to connect people and work, and there’s more to it than freelancers and independent contractors providing professional services. Hourly work is also part of this surging trend with new technologies flipping the old business model on its head – putting the individual in control to choose the roles they want to work.

To learn more about this survey, download the entire 2018 Shiftgig Report: Profile of a Gig Worker.



Gig Workers in 2018