Introducing Deploy by Shiftgig

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of our software platform, Deploy.At our core, we’re a technology company, but we have a strong background in staffing which means we’re familiar with the common challenges that come with managing and retaining great talent. We initially built Deploy as an internal tool to help run our marketplace and overcome some of those challenges like worker engagement, late drops, communication, and timekeeping. We’ve been building, using, and enhancing Deploy for years, and we realized that staffing companies like you could benefit from our technology too.

Below is a video of our CEO, Rick Bowman, as he discusses the launch of Deploy, how it will make a difference for staffing firms and organizations with a large flexible workforce, and what this exciting new solution means for Shiftgig.


Deploy uses our sophisticated smart match algorithms to match workers with assignments based on their skills and expertise. Based on their location, work experience, and other criteria that you define, assignments are made available to your workforce.

Deploy has three applications that help power your workforce:

1. Operations Manager
This is a web-based dashboard view with the highest level of functionality on the platform. Manage your workforce and their profiles, monitor performance, and control business-like functions such as timecards and orders.

2. Business App
Our business app and web interface was made for your clients and on-site staff and allows them the option to place orders, manage and communicate with workers, and provide feedback on performance.

3. Mobile Worker App
Our native mobile app gives workers the ability to browse and claim shifts, provide feedback on events, and clock-in/out with ease.


  • Opportunity and empowerment: Deploy gives workers the flexibility to select from a variety of shifts that fit their schedule and skill set.
  • Redeployment and engagement: Manage your workforce and encourage workers to develop new skills to expand their opportunities for more assignments.
  • Data and analytics: Share the metrics that matter to you and your clients with pre-built dashboards and custom analytics.
  • Connect and scale: Our open APIs allow you to easily integrate Deploy into your current technology stack and process flow.

We built Deploy to empower workers with flexibility and choice, while also streamlining your operations. By creating a worker-focused marketplace, you’ll keep your workforce engaged while being able to cut down on costs and spend more time on what matters—growing and scaling your business.

Are you ready for the future of work? Learn more about Deploy.

About The Author

Cat is the Marketing Manager at Shiftgig, primarily focused on content marketing and social media. She’s passionate about helping transform the way people work and empowering our Specialists be successful. In her spare time, Cat does stand-up comedy at Chicago’s own Second City!