Key Staffing Tips to Help Make Your Event Successful

Managing an event with thousands of attendees is often overwhelming, especially when it comes to staffing the event. You want to be sure workers handling the on-site management and interactions with attendees are able to do so in a timely and pleasant manner.

Did the ticketing process go quickly and efficiently? Were workers polite to festival attendees and able to answer questions, help them navigate the festival, and keep things fun? All of these things roll up to an attendee’s overall experience, directly impacting the success of an event.

We’ve put together 3 key staffing tips to help make your event successful.

Tip #1 – Have more than a full workforce

It’s clearly important that your event has enough workers to handle the crowd’s needs, but what if you have five workers come down with the flu the day of the event? Are you still able to cover your attendee’s needs?

It’s important to over-prepare with your headcount so you aren’t scrambling to find coverage last minute. Having workers available to fill last-minute needs will give you one less thing to worry come “go time,” when you’ll likely have several other priorities to manage. To take things a step further, look for a staffing provider that has a comprehensive, proven approach to managing backups for last-minute changes.

Tip #2 – Verify skillsets ahead of time

Your staff, for better or worse, are the face of your event, so it’s crucial that they be qualified to do their job (and do it well). Whether it’s scanning tickets, controlling crowds, or anything in between, it’s important that your staffing provider is able to verify ahead of time that the workers they’re sending actually possess the skills or experience you need. Doing so will not only help ensure a smooth event experience for your attendees, but also prevent lost time and revenue due to underskilled or inefficient workers.

Tip #3 – Offer work expectations up front

The more detail you provide workers up front about the “where, when, what, and how” of their duties during the event, the better. Don’t just assume they know what you want them to do —, give them the information they need to be successful.

Even a highly skilled group of workers will benefit from information specific to your event, such as who is in attendance, the impact the event has on your business, and the appropriate level of engagement and interaction with attendees. Work with your staffing provider to make sure you have a way to communicate these details to your workforce directly ahead of time. This will help cut down on the amount of assistance workers need from you throughout the event.

Want an example of a successful event that followed these tips? Read how the Dark Lord Day beer festival managed 10,000 beer enthusiasts for their much-anticipated, one-day event.

Check out the Dark Lord Day success story.

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