Shiftgig for Light Industrial Staffing

In an industry as competitive as light industrial staffing, we know how important it is to stand out from the crowd. How can you keep employees engaged and become an employer of choice? Deploy by Shiftgig can help.



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Lower rates of no-call, no-show for shifts, so your warehouse and light industrial clients won’t be caught in a jam.

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Get details about the success of your workers’ assignments, as well as ratings and feedback from your clients.

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Monitor business functions like timecards, shift orders, and worker performance, and manage worker profiles.

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Get the additional flexibility of having an agency that operates digitally.

Redeploy High-Quality Workers

Keep your workforce on assignments that they're interested in at a variety of different clients.

Keep The Workers Your Clients Like

Did you deploy a worker that did a great job? Give them the first choice to pick up other jobs at that client. With Deploy, your clients can build a pool of the best and brightest workers to pick from the next time they need a position filled.

Improve Job Attendance

Workers using the Deploy app have hand-selected the shifts they want to work, increasing the likelihood that they’ll show up for work consistently and fully prepared for the tasks at hand.

Increase Worker Productivity

Deploying workers with the best track record shows clients that you’re hiring productive workers who are the best fit for the role.

Shiftgig Powers On-Demand Light Industrial Staffing Agencies

Engage workers and support their skill development

We know that redeploying your workforce can be especially challenging for light industrial agencies like yours, but it can be easier with technology. Deploy provides your workers with the power of choice that they don’t get with other staffing agencies, giving them the opportunity to sign up for jobs and roles they’ve hand-picked. This also gives the internal staff at your agency more time to do the important things, like support and encourage your workers’ skill development to expand the types of assignments the workers can select.

Flexible scheduling

Manage your light industrial staffing workforce and give them access to a wide range of job opportunities through your agency— all in one place. Workers love agencies who use Deploy because they have more flexibility than they do with agencies. They’re able to select from a variety of shifts and choose the ones that best fit their schedule and skill set. Your workers will have access to browse and claim shifts after being interviewed and vetted by your team.

View data about your workforce

Interested to see how your workforce has been serving your light industrial clients? Our out-of-the-box dashboards allow you to view analytics about your workforce and their performance. We also offer customizable dashboards that can be set up to track the specific metrics that are most important to your agency.

Connect and Scale

Our open APIs allow your agency to seamlessly connect Deploy into your existing technology systems. Whether you use an ATS, CRM, VMS, payroll system, or other technology platforms, you can customize Deploy’s open APIs to fit the needs of your business.

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How Can Deploy Impact Your Business?

Number of Recruiters on Your Team

Your Agency's Annual Gross Revenue

If you eliminated at least 2 hours per day of a recruiter's time spent managing fill for your clients, your staffing agency could see


additional gross revenue per year or


additional gross revenue per employee



Deploy by Shiftgig

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