Market Spotlight: NYC – Three Years Later

Since 2014, Shiftgig has been successfully operating in New York City, the company’s first expansion market.

Running the New York office since day one has been General Manager Michael Goldberg.

“When I first joined Shiftgig, the Specialist app was only six months old,” said Goldberg. “After three years, we’ve grown the office to more than 120 clients, and more than 1,500 active Specialists.”

Michael and his team are in Midtown Manhattan, a location that serves as a hub for all five of the city’s boroughs, as well as New Jersey. Initially, the team had just two staff members, but will soon be up to 15 people by mid-2017.

Thanks to the “melting pot” of NYC residents, the city has provided Shiftgig with a wealth of both Specialist and Client opportunities.

“Our clients largely consist of catering and food management companies, private schools, universities, and warehouse distribution centers,” he said. “Since the New York and New Jersey market is home to a large population of recent college grads, there are a variety of opportunities to match eager, young Specialists with unique client opportunities.”

A lot has changed in the market since Michael took the helm of Shiftgig New York three years ago. The team now works with a number of distribution centers across the city, as well as hotels in the New Jersey area. Another change over the years has been the increase in Shiftgig competitors coming to the NYC market.

“We’ve started to see smaller competitors in the field, but our clients have a loyalty to Shiftgig for a number of reasons,” he said. “Most notably, our ability to tailor a team of workers to meet hiring demands, the  transparency of who is assigned to their shift, and other key app integrations have helped us stay ahead of the competition.”

Michael also added that his clients prefer Shiftgig for the 24/7 access that they can’t get anywhere else. So while on-demand staffing companies are on the rise, both Specialists and clients of Shiftgig prefer the company over the newcomers to the space.

“Our Specialists are choosing Shiftgig because it provides the flexibility to try new career opportunities across multiple industries.”

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