Meet Sabrina: Shiftgig Specialist Turned Community Operations Professional

Some Specialists choose to work for Shiftgig for consistent opportunities, while others are looking to fill gaps in their schedules in between other work. Sabrina Holt was the latter, that is until she was promoted to a full-time Shiftgig Community Operations professional.

As a student at the University of Central Florida, Sabrina pursued her passion for “hanging out and goofing around” with children and earned her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. To make some extra money while earning her degree, she picked up some bartending shifts she found through her sorority. “I got to work some really awesome shifts, including one during the Rolling Stones concert at the Orange Bowl. My parents said they deserved to be there more than I did,” she laughed. “They’re probably right!”

After her full-time teaching internship, Sabrina was unsure about a career in education because of the rigidity she experienced in schools. Her friend referred her to Shiftgig, explaining that it was a way she could supplement her income in whatever way she saw fit. “I loved the idea of being able to create my own schedule as a teacher with holidays off, so I applied,” she explained.

During her group interview this past summer, Sabrina met Laura, the Tampa office’s General Manager. “She was covering for someone that day and we got along extremely well from the get go,” Sabrina told Shiftgig. After the interview, Sabrina began working bartending gigs. Then – because Shiftgig is it’s own customer! – she started working data entry shifts at the Shiftgig office. “It was perfect timing. Because of summer break, I was extremely flexible and open,” she explained. “Three shifts a week at the office quickly turned into a shift everyday.”

Sabrina found the data entry similar to entering grades for her students and was quick to learn Shiftgig’s internal systems. After a few months, Laura, realizing Sabrina’s value, offered her a full-time position as a Community Operations Specialist.

“It was such a fantastic no-brainer transition because I was already comfortable with the role and I felt a part of the Tampa family,” she said. “I miss hanging with kids all day, but I am so fortunate that this role allows me to interact with so many different types of people all day long. I have definitely never looked back.”

For Sabrina, the best part about working for Shiftgig is the challenge. “I sincerely enjoy finding ways to streamline everything I do. It is so exciting to be on the ground floor of what is obviously going to be an extremely successful company.”

Sabrina wants to encourage Specialists who are interested in internal, full-time positions to always put their best foot forward. “Build a relationship with your local Shiftgig team in order to better your chances of being asked to be a team lead or even to help out in the office,” she says. “As a Specialist your hard work and reliability definitely goes noticed. Being ‘all-starred’ by clients is the way to go as well – it’ll help you have steadier work!”

About The Author

Jane Smith is the Community Relations Manager at Shiftgig. She is passionate about helping Shiftgig Specialists and helping transform the way people work. In her free time, Jane loves cooking, exploring Chicago, and spending time with family.