Introducing the New Enabling the Modern Staffing Agency to Build their Next-Generation Staffing Experience

What an exciting ride we’ve had at Shiftgig over the two years since I originally joined as the CTO. After stepping into the CEO role in July of 2018, we’ve become more focused than ever on our mission to transform the way people work.

In February at SIA Executive Forum, I was asked during my session on Engaging the Next Generation of Workers With Marketplace Technology, “Are you a staffing agency, or are you a technology company? You can’t say both.” I won’t need to waffle on that answer today. We are a technology company. One that is laser-focused on enabling agencies to better engage, retain, and redeploy their workforce so they can grow efficient, modern staffing businesses.

Since announcing Deploy by Shiftgig, we knew our marketing experience needed a major overhaul. Well, it’s here! We are excited to announce the new Our Senior Marketing Manager, Stephanie Zatyko, led a radical transformation of our website. “I’m so proud of the new site that our team has created,” said Zatyko. “Not only will clients, prospects, and workers notice a new look and feel as we transform our brand, we are excited to curate great content to help agencies as they embark on their digital transformation journey.” 

Our unique history puts us in a differentiated position to be a critical partner to staffing agencies. We built operations around on-demand staffing, and we had incredible dynamics in those markets:

  • 4-hour average time-to-fill
  • 90% of our clients ordered through self-service
  • 80% of workers were familiar faces to clients
  • Workers reported a 4.8 out of 5 satisfaction rating across shifts they worked on the platform

I’m happy to report that our new staffing agency clients are rapidly retraining and rethinking internal processes, and seeing similar performance.

Outside of our customer success and change management support, the power of leveraging the Shiftgig platform is the collective investment in R&D yielding some impressive new capabilities. Agencies have told us they want to be in complete control, and we’ve made major investments in new levels of self-service in the platform. Agencies can now manage their own branch/market configurations, manage administrative users, and we’ve simplified capabilities like permissions to make it even easier to get started. For worker management, new capabilities like bulk qualification management and bulk worker uploads allow agencies to begin onboarding and rolling out their own instance of Deploy without having to contact Shiftgig support.

We are all thrilled to be a part of the new Shiftgig, and we are excited to work to be a trusted partner to staffing agencies to better engage, retain, and redeploy their workforce. You can expect to see the new continue to evolve and become an insightful source of thought leadership as you think through your own agency’s transformation.

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About The Author

Rick is the CEO of Shiftgig, responsible for driving our innovation and strategy to transform the way people work. Rick has deep experience in consumer-facing product technology, having previously served as Shiftgig’s CTO, Morningstar’s Chief Software Officer, and HelloWallet’s Senior Vice President of engineering. Outside of work, he serves on the board of directors of TechForward, the philanthropic foundation of the Illinois Technology Association.