Shiftgig has two distinct software platforms for two very different staffing situations. Both options can help you save time and energy by streamlining the process of managing your staff, giving you more time to focus on the big picture. From workforce management to event management and staffing, our platforms have been created with you and your workers in mind for a process that works smoothly for all parties.

Staff Workers with Deploy

Deploy allows staffing agencies to more efficiently connect qualified workers to jobs that suit their experience and interests. Deploy consists of a three-app suite that allows operations managers, businesses, and workers to get what they need quickly and easily. As a business, you can place work orders that contain precise descriptions of the work, how many workers are needed, and the number of days the job spans. As an operations manager on the staffing side, you’ll be able to guide your workers, give feedback, organize timekeeping, and more.

Plan Events and Staff Workers with BookedOut

BookedOut is more than a staffing solution; it has the functionality to help you plan, staff, and track events, all while supporting user-friendly collaboration with all of your stakeholders. BookedOut is powerful and secure enough to provide app users with the tools they need to carry out events from start to finish. Streamline your event management process from staff onboarding to data capture and recapping with software that makes scheduling and communicating with event staff easier than ever. BookedOut is also scalable for your specific staff and event size. Using our web-based tools and mobile apps, you’ll be able to aggregate data, plan and track tasks, and more.