Questions Staffing Companies Should Be Asking Themselves When Redeploying Workers: Part 1

Many staffing companies are accustomed to manual processes when sourcing, recruiting and deploying workers. Because of the time spent during these efforts, employees often forego activities that helps their business scale. In this series we’ll address the challenges staffing agencies face as they’re trying to engage and retain workers and how Shiftgig Deploy eases those pain points.

Part 1 – Do you currently have internal processes that are inefficient? What are they?

We sat down with staffing company executives and asked about their major inefficiencies are when filling orders. Our research uncovered:

  • Customers call and email to place orders.

While receiving client orders is a good thing, getting them through phone or email isn’t always practical. If managers are unavailable or take extra time to return correspondence, that’s time lost that could be spent on shift fulfillment or other activities.

  • Employees must call workers individually to place them on shifts.

Whether clients request a specific worker or they’re looking for a group to fill shifts, some staffing companies call individual employees to find out if they’re available to work. Even assuming that every person answers the phone, this takes up a fair amount of time. Managers also send confirmation emails with event details to ensure success at the event. In busy season with several events happening simultaneously, this can become time consuming.

How Shiftgig Deploy Can Help

Shiftgig Deploy automates labor pool redeployment and uses smart match algorithms to connect workers with shift opportunities. This helps eliminate burdensome and time-consuming administrative activities and empowers better engagement with workers. Here’s how Shiftgig Deploy automates manual processes:

  • Customers place orders themselves.

Shiftgig Deploy empowers customers to place their own orders through an easy-to-use interface. Orders can be placed immediately – no more waiting for an account manager to receive the order, confirm the details and place it in their system.

  • Smart matching algorithms match workers to opportunities most relevant to their experience.

Your labor pool is automatically notified about shifts that they qualify for when customers place an order through Shiftgig Deploy. Companies will save a significant amount of time by not having to call individual workers each time an order is placed. All relevant shift details will be listed in Deploy, so you won’t have to send confirmation emails either.

Interested in how Shiftgig Deploy can help modernize your workforce? Schedule some time with our team. Keep an eye out for Part 2 in this series that answers the question “If your team wasn’t bogged down by these internal processes, what would their time be freed up to do?”

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