Questions Staffing Companies Should Be Asking Themselves When Redeploying Workers: Part 2

In the first part of this series, we asked staffing companies to share the challenges they face as part of the order-filling process with us. As they talked about each task, we got a better understanding of the how they currently source, recruit and deploy workers. For the second part of this series we explored what might happen if those manual processes were automated.

Part 2 – If your team wasn’t bogged down by these internal processes, what would their time be freed up to do?

Several staffing agencies would use the time to be more consultative with their clients and develop stronger strategic partner relationships. Rather than concentrating on the minutiae of day-to-day operations, they’re able to focus on the bigger picture. The additional time would also allow staffing firms to put more focus on worker quality, retention and engagement. With these time-intensive projects now automated, their time is also freed up time to find new clients and create an upselling strategy for clients.

At Shiftgig, one of our goals is to help staffing companies become more efficient and to eliminate processes that waste resources and time. To address this need we’ve created a tool — Shiftgig Deploy — that replaces all of these inefficient administrative processes so you and your staff can focus on the tasks that matter most. This time-saving technology automates your staff’s burdensome administrative activities so you can focus on the growth of your client base and your company.

Schedule some time with our team to learn more about how implementing Shiftgig Deploy in your company can connect you with on-demand labor and help modernize your workforce.  Meanwhile, subscribe to our blog for Part 3 in this series, “What is my organization doing to address how today’s labor force wants to work?”

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