Questions Staffing Companies Should Be Asking Themselves When Redeploying Workers: Part 3

With unemployment recently hovering below four percent, many staffing companies have been prioritizing worker retention and redeployment over recruiting new talent. In the third part of this series, we encouraged staffing firms to ask themselves the following question when thinking of worker redeployment:

“What is my organization doing to address how today’s labor force wants to work?”

In order for staffing agencies to offer the kinds of opportunities workers want, it’s important for them to know who gig workers are and what motivates them to pick up a gig and return to it again and again. Those answers, and other helpful information, can be found in our recent report, 2018 Profile of a Gig Worker:


  • 28% live in urban areas, 59% live in the suburbs and 13% are in rural areas.
  • 58% have an Associate’s, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.
  • 44% are students, 40% are retirees, 37% work full time and 36% work part time. (Some survey respondents fell into multiple categories.)


  • 74% pick up gigs for financial reasons.
  • 10% pick up gigs to stay busy/active. (A percentage opted to not answer this question.)

As for what they want, several gig workers mentioned flexible scheduling, the ability to make extra cash and the variety of opportunities as main reasons for choosing this type of work. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also cites variety and flexibility as reasons to pick up gig work.

If your organization doesn’t reach out to this diverse group of gig workers who currently make up 34 percent of the U.S. workforce, chances are you’ll have a harder time finding workers who want to redeploy. Schedule some time with our team to learn how Shiftgig Deploy can take your current gig worker list, automate redeployment, and connect them with the shifts they want.

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