Questions Staffing Companies Should Be Asking Themselves When Redeploying Workers: Part 4

With over 20,000 staffing companies in the U.S., the ability to stay ahead of the competition is crucial to success. In the final part of this series, we’ve highlighted how the flexibility of Shiftgig Deploy compares to the current flexibility other staffing agencies offer.

“How does the flexibility Shiftgig offers stack up against your competitors?”

First, it’s important to look at how traditional staffing agencies offer shifts to workers. Many organizations receive orders from clients via email or phone, then manually call workers to check their availability to place them on a shift. If a worker isn’t available, they miss out on the work and the pay — and that’s that.

Second, we looked at the type of workers who may be excluded by a lack of flexibility. In a report conducted by Shiftgig earlier this year, we surveyed 2,000 U.S. residents to learn who gig workers are. Out of 696 responses, we found that 68% had a full-time or part-time job, 12% were students and 9% were parents. Without a flexible schedule, it’s likely that this group (who made up 89% of respondents) would be unable to work many shifts offered by a traditional staffing agency.

Shiftgig Deploy uses a smart match algorithm, which matches workers to available jobs that fit their schedule. Regarding the flexibility of Shiftgig’s platform, here is what some of our workers had to say:

“I think the flexibility of choosing what jobs to work and when to work them without any prior mandatory stipulations is perfect for those that are looking for work, but may not have a consistent schedule that allows for them to commit to a firm 9 to 5 job. Or it’s just as perfect for someone with an already set work schedule that is looking to pick up extra shifts to earn extra money for bills or spending.” – Marilyn, Shiftgig Specialist

“It’s perfect for people that need flexibility in their schedule. People can work as much or as little as they need and there’s a variety of jobs to choose from.” – Mary, Shiftgig Specialist

By offering flexibility to gig workers, you’ll be able to attract a wider variety of talent who need that type of schedule. And, because they have the option to work when they have availability, employee retention will increase.

With the flexibility available through the Shiftgig Deploy platform, you’ll be able to offer workers something your competitors can’t: a flexible schedule. Learn more about how we can fit into your organization by chatting with our team.

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