Recruiters: What Would You Do With 4 More Hours?

Recruiters are the backbone of the staffing industry. However, that means recruiters hold a tremendous amount of responsibility that can be extremely overwhelming. If you got four hours back in a work day – what would you do with it?

Here’s a hot take: Technology-enabled processes allow recruiters to spend more time empowering their clients and workforce. That’s how recruiters take their time back. But technology is only a small piece of improving your processes. Digital staffing solutions change and improve overall worker experience in order to help extend and augment your team to permeate your physical branch presence.

The Future of Recruitment is Here

How is success measured for a recruiter? Fill rate and time to fill. Traditional recruiters looking to achieve a 100% fill rate do so by sifting through long worker call sheets in order to check their availability to ensure workers actually show up. It can go so far as to dragging workers out of bed in order to make it to their shift on time. (Yes, that’s a true story we’ve heard from clients.) These manual processes and unnecessary emotional labor are not doing your recruiting team any favors – especially when the recruiting industry experiences 25% median turnover rates annually. Recruiter engagement starts with providing your team with cutting-edge technology specific to your industry.

A study by ASA says, 67% of hiring managers believe it is very or extremely important their staffing firms use up-to-date technology. That’s where Deploy by Shiftgig comes in. Through client and worker self-service, our deployment platform allows recruiters to save time usually spent scheduling and vetting their workforce. In fact, our clients tell us their recruiters are saving more than four hours every day! Time can now be spent on higher-value activities like coaching and relationship building.

Increase Recruiter Efficiency

Since the staffing industry has been primarily manual since its creation, it can be scary to implement new technology and change how you think recruiting works. The main objective of deployment technology is to connect workers to the right recruiters in their vertical. Deployment platforms can literally save recruiters hours every day by offering:

  • Job order templates to streamline processes
  • A curation of worker pools for clients to customize and allow immediate access to the workers they love
  • Accurate invoices being sent to clients
  • Automated backfills with waitlist enablement in case a worker drops a shift
  • And more!

Recruiters are now free to focus on revenue-driving activities like building relationships, upskilling their workforce, and promoting job portal placements in order to gain a competitive advantage in a saturated industry.

Again, digital staffing solutions are not meant to replace the recruiter. Once recruiters adopt deployment technology like Deploy by utilizing job order templates, they can essentially turn the scheduling aspect of their job on auto-pilot. Customizable dashboards analyze a recruiter’s success metrics are readily available, and recruiters can visualize exactly where their workforce is deployed for increased productivity. The feedback tool allows workers to be truly engaged whether it was a positive or negative experience. Recruiters can then rectify what went wrong to ensure reliable workers are happy to come back to work for their clients.

Still unconvinced? Time is money! See how Deploy can increase your revenue based on improving your processes with our deployment platform.

How Can Deploy Impact Your Business?

Number of Recruiters on Your Team

Your Agency's Annual Gross Revenue

If you eliminated at least 2 hours per day of a recruiter's time spent managing fill for your clients, your staffing agency could see


additional gross revenue per year or


additional gross revenue per employee

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