Retail Ready: Tips for Using an On-Demand Workforce

Keeping a retail storefront fresh and up-to-date can be a full time job. But it’s necessary to create the best possible shopping experience, entice new visitors, and keep current customers coming back for more. However, with these initiatives comes additional work, but rarely additional staff to help with the workload.

Instead of relying on the store’s full-time employees, many retailers are now testing the contingent workforce as an option to help with seasonal, larger projects.

Here are four scenarios where using an on-demand workforce is beneficial for retail stores.

1) Store Remodels

Over time, retail stores learn more about their customer’s buying experience, and this insight can lead to changes and updates to the overall store layout.  This task is often tedious, laborious, and requires resources that may not be readily available. This is where a contingent workforce comes in.

Typically, a majority of store remodel work is completed outside of normal working hours to ensure the store can stay up and running for as much of the project as possible. Because of this, relying on your full-time employees is often not an option. On-demand, temporary workers can be available to work the late, or non-traditional hours needed to keep the project moving and on time.

2) Seasonal Work

Another scenario where a contingent workforce can be beneficial in retail is during busy seasons. For example, back to school season is just around the corner. Instead of taking on more full-time employees that likely won’t be needed year-round, a contingent workforce could be the answer.

There are also many other times throughout the year when contingent workers can fill in for additional help. For instance:  holiday season, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and any other times where a store may see an increase in customers or store hours that necessitate additional help. Having temporary workers come on board on an as-needed basis will help to ensure your customers are happy, and have the support they need during their shopping experience.

3) Store Walk-throughs

From stocking shelves to zoning and cleaning, a contingent workforce can also be helpful for needs such as preparing for store walk-throughs. Depending on the size and requirements of the store, these duties might be beyond the typical workload of a full-time employee, but they would be ideal for an on-demand worker. Retail stores can bring in an on-demand workforce to help handle the preparation and responsibilities when additional work is needed beyond the scope of your full-time employees.  

4) Mini Projects

If a store isn’t ready to take on a full remodel, but still wants to refresh certain aspects of the in-store shopping experience, a contingent workforce can fill in on a short term basis. Whether it’s conducting a pharmacy project, department modulars, floors, store inventories, or any other short-term projects, bringing in a temporary workforce can get the job done without wasting the resources of a full time employee.

How to Find a Retail-Ready Contingent Workforce

Finding and managing a contingent workforce can sometimes be a daunting task, but Shiftgig helps make it easier for both businesses and workers through our technology-first solution.

Shiftgig handles filling the job orders, and removes the need to worry about finding workers. Our predictive platform uses a special algorithm to drive better matching of potential retail workers to the jobs that an individual store needs, offering a higher quality workforce.  

The administrative burden of taking on a contingent workforce is also heavily reduced by using Shiftgig. Retail stores have the ability to submit job orders, approve worked hours, and receive and sign off on invoices electronically saving store manager’s time with less paperwork.

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About The Author

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