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SHIFTGIG 101: Building an All-Star Team of Gig Workers

Building an all All-Star team of gig workers is a priority for many companies looking to take advantage of the gig economy. Download our Shiftgig 101 webinar on demand so you can jumpstart your hiring and build a team of high-quality, reliable, gig workers using Shiftgig. Here’s why building a strong team of gig workers is so important to your business:

  • The right group of workers can make or break productivity, so finding the best group of team members — your “A” team — can be a daunting.
  • Shiftgig gives you the power to build a team of Specialists who meet your expectations in executing the requirements for a successful shift by marking them as an All Star.
  • This goes both ways; if a Specialist does not meet expectations and shift requirements were not fulfilled, block Specialists from your shifts to make sure they aren’t invited to claim future shifts.

Shiftgig experts Mindy Gulledge and Laura Brennan outline the strategy behind creating an All-Star team and tactically dive into how it’s done in our app. We’ll also share customer stories and answer your questions throughout the half-hour session.

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