Market Watch: Foodservice abounds in Nashville

With the population on a continuous uptick, Nashville has become the “it” city for young professionals. It’s estimated that nearly 100 people move to the city each day, which has caused both a housing crisis, and a shortage of workers for companies looking to hire short-term, summer employees.

Shiftgig, which opened an office in the adjacent Nashville suburb of Brentwood last year, has a number of work opportunities, across a variety of verticals. But perhaps the most in-demand workers are those in the foodservice and hospitality sector.

Here are just a few of the foodservice jobs Shiftgig Nashville has available right now, and a little bit about each role. We hope you’ll explore these options, and sign up for a shift soon!

Cook, Prep, and Line Cooks

Do you like being one of the cooks in the kitchen? Shiftgig Nashville has a number of opportunities year-round for a variety of culinary needs. Cooks will need to be able to prep and prepare food in a “back of house” environment, as well as assist the Executive Chef with kitchen operations. For prep and line cooks, the tasks are similar, and will likely also include:

  • Setting up stations quickly and efficiently for prep work
  • Preparing and serving food in compliance with establishment standards
  • Measuring and mixing ingredients, washing, peeling, cutting and shredding fruits and vegetables, and trimming and cutting meat, poultry or fish for culinary use
  • Taste testing products, reading menus, estimating food requirements, checking production, and keeping records in order to accurately plan production requirements and requisition of supplies and equipment
  • Maintaining a prepared and sanitary work area at all times
  • Returning dirty food preparation utensils to the appropriate areas


If you have experience waiting tables, there’s likely an opportunity for you in Nashville. Whether you’re looking for weekend or weekday shifts, Shiftgig almost always has available shifts for servers for high-volume events. Servers can expect shifts that include banquet serving, food running, and buffet-style service. Depending on the client, taking a shift as a server will likely include some of the following tasks:

  • Perform table service duties, such as food selection, delivery and setup for high-end dining or catered events
  • General table services for catered events
  • Open bottled wine, bus and set tables
  • Clearly communicate with supervisor and other servers on the floor
  • Assist in all set up, service, and breakdown of the space


Taking on a host shift through Shiftgig could mean a number of things. You might greet guests at a large event in a stadium, or you could be helping out at a mid-sized catering event. Either way, as a host you’ll have a number of responsibilities, but perhaps none are as important as the ability to greet each guest with a smile.

Here are a few other tasks that hosts will likely encounter on the job:

  • Take guests to their table and provide them with silverware and a menu
  • Monitor table rotation and make sure that each member of the wait staff gets a fair amount of tables
  • Track which tables are cleaned and available for new guests
  • Answer the phone, take reservations, and in some cases manage take-out orders

Ready to get started in a FoodService role in Nashville? Apply to a staffing firm powered by Shiftgig today,

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