Meet Jose: A 2017 Brand Ambassador of the Year and Shiftgig Specialist

Jose, of Phoenix, AZ, isn’t your ordinary brand ambassador and Shiftgig Specialist, in fact, he happens to be one of the 2017 Brand Ambassadors of the Year.

Jose has been a brand ambassador for about six years and first heard about the role from a friend who owned a flower business, and managed small events on the side. While he wanted to start working as a brand ambassador as soon as he heard about the opportunity, he was unable to because he was only 15 years old.

He learned, however, that he had a passion for working and interacting with people and once he turned 18, he began working as a brand ambassador full time.

Jose enjoys being a brand ambassador because he not only gets to work with people but gets to create experiences that impact them. Brand ambassadors are important, according to Jose, because they are the face of the experiential marketing industry, and are representing brands to consumers.

He says, “If it wasn’t for brand ambassadors than this whole industry wouldn’t be there.”

Jose’s favorite shift he ever worked happened to be during the holidays, and included giving giving away Smart TVs to families in need. During the shift, Jose recalls one deserving family receiving a TV. “Seeing the family, and the joy it brought to them, made me realize the true beauty of giving back to the community,” he said.

When Jose is not working, he enjoys playing soccer and watching movies. Also, since a lot of his time is spent working shifts as a brand ambassador, he cherishes the moments he gets to spend with his friends and family.

When asked what advice he would give other Specialists looking to work as a brand ambassador he said, “Always work hard with a positive attitude even when nobody’s watching.” Jose learned this first-hand during one of his first shifts when he was approached by the client who happened to be on-site. He was working hard, as he normally would, and the client took notice recommending him for a manager position. His hard work and dedication paid off.

Once Jose took on the role of manager, he didn’t see it as a chance to be in charge but rather an opportunity to support the other brand ambassadors, and provide feedback on how to successfully carry out events.

Jose leaves brand ambassadors with one last piece of advice saying, “Always be consistent, be positive, and create an impact.”

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About The Author

Jane Smith is the Community Relations Manager at Shiftgig. She is passionate about helping Shiftgig Specialists and helping transform the way people work. In her free time, Jane loves cooking, exploring Chicago, and spending time with family.