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the future of staffing is here

Staffing firms thrive by matching the right workers to the right opportunities. Now, using mobile technology, staffing firms have the opportunity to optimize this process. Deploy by Shiftgig is a powerful software platform that helps staffing firms shift from traditional one-to-one matches to our smart match algorithm overseeing the curation of a pool of great workers matched to great clients.


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built for staffing

We have a background in staffing, which means we understand the challenges that come with building, managing, and retaining a workforce. We initially built Deploy as an internal tool to help run our marketplace internally. We’ve been building, using, and enhancing Deploy for years, and we realized that staffing companies like you could benefit from our technology too.

What benefits are staffing agencies seeing when using Deploy?


Deploy helps staffing firms scale more quickly. Instead of spending time contacting individual workers to fill shifts, you can curate a talent pool to meet your clients’ needs.


Filling shifts is just the first step. Retaining workers is also key to success. The Deploy platform allows you to engage workers through automated messaging, feedback, and encouragement to learn new skills.


Stop wasting time running processes across different systems. Deploy allows you to keep important records and data in one place. Using our open APIs, you can also integrate Deploy with your existing tools.


When you invest in Deploy you get access to our customer support and software success teams. We’ll help you solve your complex staffing challenges and make the most of our platform.


The results

What can Deploy do for you? Here’s a look at some of the changes staffing firms have seen:

Increasing business

With less time spent running payroll and contacting workers, you can stop turning down orders and say yes to more business.

Faster processes

Deploy’s technology helps you keep track of timesheets, see the outcome of shifts and even fill shifts if a worker drops. That allows you to focus on what matters: curating a great talent pool.

Better communication

You can give and get feedback from workers and see feedback from your clients. Get insight on what’s happening during shifts and in your business. We make it simple to communicate so that you can engage with ease.



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