The Secret to Winning the Retention and Redeployment Battle

It’s no secret that two of the top challenges for staffing agencies today, regardless of the industry you’re in, are retention and redeployment. Workers have so many options it’s critical for you to find and keep high-quality talent. But how can you make your agency stand out from the crowd? And once you do on-board a new worker, how do you keep them engaged and on assignment? 

Last week we hosted a webinar with Adrianne Nelson, Senior Director Global Membership Products from Staffing Industry Analysts and Kyle Decker, Owner and CEO of The Job Center to discuss this very topic. We covered things like: 

  • Retention challenges and specific strategies that The Job Center uses to keep workers engaged and deployed on assignments
  • Ways that marketplace technology can support your engagement and retention goals
  • How the partnership between Shiftgig and The Job Center is transforming the way people work

Kyle shared some powerful stories of associates at The Job Center who have been positively impacted by the Shiftgig app. We believe that one of the most meaningful features of our technology is the ability to provide feedback after each shift. Both clients and workers get to rate their experience, feeding our smart match algorithm and sharing the feedback with the agency so they can take action or highlight positive experiences. At The Job Center, they began to notice poorly rated shifts by their associates at one particular client. Digging a little further into the feedback, associates were sharing they couldn’t do their job because the box cutters they were using were too dull. The Job Center was able to quickly share this feedback with the client and get new box cutters the next day. While this might sound simple, this had a huge impact on the associates. They saw that their feedback was being heard and taken seriously, and the new tools helped them be successful on the job. It was a win-win. 

He also highlighted how the Shiftgig app is benefiting his recruiting team, saving them time by filling last-minute shifts quickly and during off-hours. Kyle described a client request for personnel for a 4-hour shift on a Saturday. The client placed the order in the Shiftgig for Business app late on a Friday evening, a worker claimed the shift and showed up for work on Saturday morning. The app is able to automatically fill shifts while recruiters are with their families, improving their work/life balance. We all know that staffing is a round-the-clock job, but the tech-enabled staffing model allows your team to be more efficient, spend more time with clients, and help them avoid burn-out from being on-call at all times. 

If you joined the webinar and asked a question that we didn’t get to, don’t worry! Kyle recorded a video to answer them. Check out his responses in this video

If you weren’t able to make the live webinar, you can view the full recording below. If you have additional questions or would like to learn more about The Job Center’s story, please reach out! 


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