UberWorks is Here: Adapt or Get Left Behind

It’s no surprise the gig economy has proven lucrative for companies like Uber as they continue to enter new verticals despite their humble beginnings as a ride-hailing service. UberWorks – a new segment of Uber Technologies Inc. launched in Chicago this week – offering contingent work opportunities “that fit your schedule while getting paid in a timely manner.” Sound familiar?

The good news – you have worked hard to build relationships with your workforce and your clients. The bottom line – doing the same thing that got you here will not keep working with this new competitor entering the market. In order to stay ahead of the curve and compete with the likes of UberWorks, staffing firms need to build their on-demand staffing marketplace solution now to leverage their competitive advantage.

Don’t Wait, Before It’s Too Late

Here’s the reality: more than one-third of the US workforce is part of the gig economy and it’s doubling every year. This will lead to an influx of workers that staffing firms could only dream of. Utilizing a marketplace platform that is tailored to your industry’s needs will ensure your success. UberWorks will be saturating cities across the nation and staffing firms without technology solutions will lose the battle for top talent in those markets.

Staffing agencies need a technology partner that is positioned to help you win with the new competitive threat posed by UberWorks. Shiftgig built and scaled an on-demand marketplace, and we created a playbook for a modern digital staffing marketplace company. Now, we are the technology partner for staffing agencies that can provide insights to accelerate your modernization.

Staffing Agencies Provide a Human Touch

Demand for effective, high-quality talent is always rising. Staffing agencies managing human capital have unparalleled experience recruiting qualified workers. They curate a reputable workforce that clients want to use time and time again. The recruiters building these hands-on relationships are extremely important as valued workers feel engaged and taken care of.

This human touch is your agency’s competitive advantage. Your workers and your clients trust that your agency is there for them because you’ve built a strong relationship over time. This is arguably the most precious part of staffing and leveraging a digital platform doesn’t take this away. If anything, it helps your agency be more agile and compete in this fast-paced market.

On-Demand Marketplace Technology Allows You to Compete

Recruiters for staffing agencies work long hours to ensure workers are where they need to be at all times. This takes away from more high-value activities like increasing the volume of qualified workers, one-to-one coaching, or bringing in more business. An on-demand staffing solution can automate a number of tasks for your team:

1. Time

Everyone needs to sleep and recruiters can’t catch everything. If a worker drops a shift in the middle of the night, that open shift will hurt both your clients and your staffing firm. An on-demand staffing solution is on-call 24/7 to alert other skilled workers a shift is available. This allows a workforce to lean on each other creating a community that allows for flexibility.

2. Flexibility

A third of workers in the gig economy are looking for flexible work opportunities to improve their work/life balance. Workers can choose when and where they’d like to work based on their skills. But workers aren’t the only ones enjoying the flexibility that comes with an on-demand marketplace. Staffing firms can scale their workforce based on seasonal or skill-based needs at a moment’s notice. This way, your clients are accessing all-star talent when and where they need them.

3. Retention

Because workers can manage their schedules on native mobile apps, recruiters don’t need to spend all day on the phone babysitting their workforce and calling through long lists to fill shift orders. With an on-demand marketplace platform, workers can browse and claim a variety of jobs they’re qualified for based on skills that are defined and managed by your agency. This will encourage workers to keep coming back because they are valued as a multi-faceted individual.

So, Are You Ready?

It’s time to seize the moment and compete in the next generation of staffing. We are a technology platform born from a modern new approach to staffing that knows how to optimize your processes because we’ve been there too. And digital staffing isn’t just for hospitality or light industrial staffing firms. This new marketplace model works for healthcare, construction, and even longer-term work. Now is the time to transform the way your agency works, and we’re the technology partner to help.

Don’t let UberWorks steal your clients. Let’s start building your on-demand marketplace.

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About The Author

Rick is the CEO of Shiftgig, responsible for driving our innovation and strategy to transform the way people work. Rick has deep experience in consumer-facing product technology, having previously served as Shiftgig’s CTO, Morningstar’s Chief Software Officer, and HelloWallet’s Senior Vice President of engineering. Outside of work, he serves on the board of directors of TechForward, the philanthropic foundation of the Illinois Technology Association.