What’s It Like to Work at Shiftgig? Interns Share Their Stories

Gaining a new perspective, having an extra set of hands and talent development are all benefits to hiring interns. We sat down with three Shiftgig interns who have been working with us since the start of summer to learn about their experiences.

“I was able to experience many different areas of the company and got to be hands on with summer projects.”Olivia, Shiftgig Intern

Olivia, Ryan and Ashley are seniors and juniors going to college in different parts of the country. They were offered the opportunity to intern at Shiftgig and learn about various parts of the company. Both Ashley and Olivia spent time assisting with Specialist recruitment in experiential marketing. They got firsthand experience in social media engagement, one-on-one communication, and helped field questions from workers. They also learned the importance of shift fulfillment and how it’s integral to ensuring customers are happy and satisfied.

“My day-to-day work is always exciting when I get to talk to our amazing workers and help answer their questions. This job has also taught me the importance of social media and how companies can use these platforms to their advantage instead of just for fun.”  – Ashley, Shiftgig Intern

Ryan was recruited to be a field manager for a conference in Orlando. “I was quickly embraced and taught how to be successful by following the lead of the supervisors,” Ryan says. “They made sure all questions were answered and nobody felt unprepared or under appreciated, it really set the tone for an amazing outcome to the event.” Starting off in the field gave him a unique point of view when he started working in the corporate office behind the scenes. During his time at Shiftgig, he partnered with the hiring team to help process applications, review onboarding and background check forms, and assist with multiple candidate sourcing projects.

Not only were they able to help with projects and day to day activities, Olivia, Ashley and Ryan offered a fresh perspective. They embraced the “all hands on deck” attitude and dove into their work each day. Sound like a place you’d like to work or intern? Check out the Shiftgig Careers page or reach out to us at hello@shiftgig.com.

About The Author

Cat is the Marketing Manager at Shiftgig, primarily focused on content marketing and social media. She’s passionate about helping transform the way people work and empowering our Specialists be successful. In her spare time, Cat does stand-up comedy at Chicago’s own Second City!