Summer Hacks for Staying Cool During Your Shift

While summer can be one of the most profitable times of year for those in the service industry, it can also bring high rising temperatures and sweltering heat waves that can add new challenges to your shifts. This summer stay cool with these wardrobe hacks that will help you combat the soaring weather digits of the season.  

Wear an undershirt

While wearing an undershirt may seem like it would be contradictory to your goal of staying cool in the heat, BBC America suggests that it actually helps wick the sweat from your skin and outer layers of clothing, utilizing your body’s natural cool down process. While the undershirt will remain sweaty, your body and outer layer of clothing will stay refreshed making an undershirt the ultimate hack for maximizing your coolness during your shifts.

Invest in breathable fabrics

When purchasing clothing to wear for your shifts in the warmer months of the year be sure to check the labels for the materials. Stay away from fabrics like polyester, rayon or wool if possible, and search for cotton clothing. Cotton is not only super comfortable, which is so important on those long summer shifts, but it also allows for better air circulation.

Carry a handkerchief

While you may think that a handkerchief is only used by older generations, it can be extremely helpful for wicking away sweat and keeping you cool this summer. A handkerchief can help you keep your makeup from melting off your face or just generally wiping away sweat from your brow. Either way a handkerchief is useful for staying fresh during your shift. You can buy some colorful options here or plain white options here!

Wash your clothes often

When you’re working those extra summer shifts it may be hard to find time to make sure all your clothes are washed for each day, however, re-wearing sweaty clothes is not ideal for cleanliness or keeping you cool. Leftover sweat blocks the fabrics ability to be light and breathable, so make sure you take the time to wash your clothes after every sweat-filled shift.

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