Top 5 Event Marketing Buzzwords You Need to Know

Interested in event marketing? Looking to enter the industry, but you’re unsure if you possess the vocabulary and knowledge to do so? It’s easy to get bogged down with language that you aren’t familiar with, so here are our top five event marketing buzzwords to help you easily access the industry.

1.) Leads:

Leads are just simply potential consumers of your company’s product, whatever that product may be. One of the primary goals of event marketing is to gather leads for a company. For example, brand ambassadors working a marketing event are interested in bringing in leads or potential customers who will hopefully end up purchasing their product. Have you ever had a brand ambassador take down your email address or phone number? If you were willing to give them your contact information, you would be considered a lead because you are interested in their product and may eventually purchase it.

2.) Sampling:

Just like it sounds, sampling is just the process of distributing products to consumers to give them a sample or demo of a company’s product. Samplings can be done anywhere, virtuality or in person. The goal of sampling is to provide a potential customer with a positive experience associated with a product, so that they may purchase it themselves or tell other people to buy it. Sampling is a great way to gain trust and can guide leads to becoming customers.

3.) Street Teams:

A street team is a group of brand ambassadors who are on the ground promoting a product directly to customers. This can mean that a group of brand ambassadors is literally out on the street promoting a product with signs or sampling, or working in a team at an event promoting a product. These interactions with customers tend to be brief and the goal is to generate leads through interacting with as many people as possible.

4.) Influencer Marketing:

Influencer marketing is a phrase that refers to the endorsement of a product by an “expert” who has the attention or followers of a specific or respective audience. These influencers can be celebrities, YouTube stars, bloggers, athletes or professionals.

5.) Storytelling:

One of the tactics used for all types of marketing (including event marketing) is storytelling or the use of story to influence potential buyers to purchase products. Using storytelling is a great way to elicit a stronger or more emotional response from an audience, ensuring that a group has a memorable and positive experience associated with the product.

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